The Home A Haven


Little Johnny learns to read- A real delight to father; And little Mary helps to clean- A joy to thankful mother. A parent’s heart is filled with love For every child who’s given. Though years may bring some hurtful times The child will be forgiven. How much our children need to hear Those words of kindness taught. No vulgar, profane, cruel tongue But loving words and thought. May you, their mother and dad, Raise them for the Lord; For a day of judgment will come at last With sorrow or reward. The father must display such love, Such truth and wisdom show What God is like in word and deed- That every child will know. The mother will, with grace and truth, Teach her children to obey. She’ll surround them with protecting love And teach the Word each day. True Christian parents will keep each child From the world’s corrupting ways, From all that would defile and harm Throughout their childhood days. The home will be a haven from The sin so freely found In school and market, in neighborhood, With evil all around. Within the home, protected and safe From worldly influence here, The parents teach true righteousness Within a loving sphere. Will you devote even more of your time, And more of your fervent prayer? Will you train your precious child for God- Will you sincerely care? From morning light and breakfast time, Training in word and deed, Until you tuck them safely in bed, Will you wisely, carefully lead? So this I ask you, my dear friend, To your child will you to be true? Are you raising your little child for God- Are you doing what you can do? Richard Hollerman

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