The Family Table


The Family Table

Where can you communicate while you eat

Where can you enjoy real fellowship sweet?

Where can you laugh with friends who are neat?

At the table.

Where can you pour out your heart and soul?

Where can you explain what is taking its toll?

Where can you share your vision and goal?

At the table.


Where can you dialogue and sift through ideas?

Verbalize thoughts and yet still be at ease?

Discover new subjects to debate if you please?

At the table.


Where can your hearts be knitted as one?

Where can you yarn and old stories be spun?

And feel accepted so you don’t have to run?

At the table.


Where can your children learn to sit still?

Acquire eating habits that won’t make him ill?

Be taught good manners of which some have nil?

At the table.


Where to imbibe values and ethics for life?

Learn to eat correctly with fork and knife?

Observe how “to father” and be a good wife?

At the table.


Where can you reveal God’s ways to your kin?

Teach them His Word will keep them from sin?

And to follow God’s laws is the way to win?

At the table.


Where can you encourage your children each day?

And boost the confidence of these “jars of clay”?

Give counsel that will keep them from going astray?

At the table.


Where can you make your house feel a “home”?

With a lovely warm ambience and happy tone?

From where your children will not want to roam?

At the table.


Where can you show love to God’s special “flock”?

Feed those who come to your door and knock?

Even those who don’t know God can be their Rock?

At the table.


Where does God love His presence to fill?

Where does He want His blessings to spill?

Where does He want restless hearts to be still?

At the table.


Dear father and mother, look again at your table,

Family meals together will make your home stable!

Make it a priority-your God will enable!

Sit at your table!


Written by

Nancy Campbell

Printed by permission from

“Above Rubies” (in The Remnant, July/August, 2002)

PO Box 681687; Franklin, TN 37068-1687


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