The Diary of a Half-Hearted “Christian”



The Diary of a Half-hearted “Christian



Sunday eve:  Wasn’t that a splendid service this morning! Bro. _________ spoke so forcefully about reading the Bible and asked us to promise to read some every day during the week. I’ve resolved to do it, and I’m very anxious to begin tomorrow. Tonight I’m most too tired, as we just got back from driving all afternoon in the country.

Monday eve: I didn’t get to my reading yet. Uncle Jim’s dropped in to spend the evening. But tomorrow night I won’t let anything get in my way.

Tuesday eve: I had forgotten about the Parent-Teacher’s meeting tonight. It was awfully boring, but it’s really one’s duty to go. But till I got back I was really too sleepy to read in the Bible.

Wednesday eve:      Tonight there were door prizes at the movies which I didn’t want to miss. I won a lovely ash tray. I don’t know where I’ll put it, I have so many already. Tomorrow night I’m going to read in the Bible for sure, there’s nothing going on anywhere.

Thursday eve:         Well, I surely hate to confess this tonight, but I picked up a mystery story downtown today, and only meant to glance through it. But I got interested and couldn’t stop, and when I thought of looking at the time it was 12:30 A.M. I really had meant to read in the Bible, I had found it and laid it out. But I don’t think it’s right to try to read the Bible when one is too tired to enjoy it.

Friday eve:    Did the week’s shopping this evening. The stores were crowded, and I was so worn out till I got home that I’m going right to bed.

Saturday eve:          At last I’m getting at my Bible reading. I would have been ashamed to go to church tomorrow if I hadn’t read any. Oh dear, there goes the doorbell.

12:30 A.M.   It was Bill and Ann with a crowd getting up a theater party. I really had a swell time. I’m really sorry I didn’t get any Bible reading done, but I’ll be too tired to go to church in the morning anyway.


(This is the required credit lines: “This short essay, written by David Lehigh, appeared in the February 1952 issue of Bible Helps. David was an enthusiastic and faithful supporter of this ministry. As you read this piece, you will observe that a few things have changed since 1952. Very few people today have the time or the money for fuel to go pleasure driving. And people very seldom just drop in for a visit without calling ahead, and even then they usually have a pretty urgent reason. Yet the remainder of this little diary unfortunately applies very well to today. Isn’t it remarkable that even though in some ways we’re living in a vastly different age than in 1952, yet some things have not changed? –rsl.” “Used by permission of Bible Helps, PO Box 391, Hanover PA  17331.”)










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