The Arrogant Monopoly of Evolutionism


The Arrogant Monopoly

of Evolutionism

Evolution!  This must be one of the most blatantly false positions required in the secular school system of the United States!  The secular, humanistic, worldly educational institutions of Texas as well as other states make the teaching of evolution obligatory.  In our local newspaper, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, there is a report entitled “Evolution’s Status May be Debated.”  This article stated that the state’s curriculum for the public schools, “Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills,” requires that the students must learn “the theory of biological evolution.”  Not only must evolution be taught, but also creation must be eliminated.  This shows how evolutionism has become the one and only teaching of origins that is tolerated in public education. 

The article says that Don McLeroy, chairman of the state board, is an outspoken creationist and charged, “They do not cover the weaknesses of evolution. . . . They present evolution as an absolute fact.”  We then read that the Supreme Court of the United States disallows any teaching of either creationism or “intelligent design” in the public school classroom.  We also read that the Supreme Court holds that godless organic evolution is the only theory that is acceptable to teach in public schools.  The Court states that both creationism and intelligent design are “religious” ideas and therefore forbidden in state-sponsored education.  Is this not arrogant and prideful in the extreme: a human secular court of fallible human beings requires that tens of millions of children be taught that this earth and all that is in it is the product of blind chance called evolution—rather than the truth of creation by the God of the Bible, the supreme Ruler of the universe! 

Consider seven facts with me.  First, I understand that at least half of the citizens of the United States believe in the Biblical account of creation in contrast to popular evolutionary theories.  Is it right—is it morally right—that tens of millions of Americans be required to finance a theory of origins that they deem to be utterly false? 

Second, since evolution itself is a theory, is it morally right to promulgate this theory as a fact in the public school classrooms and promote it as the only explanation for the material universe?  Is this really being honest? 

Third, what of those reputable scientists who point out the weaknesses of the evolutionary theory or even repudiate this theory?  What of those scientists who give evidence that evolution is utterly impossible—and that there must have been a creation?  Are we to allow the theory of unbelieving scientists to take precedence over the informed testimony of believing scientists? 

Fourth, evolution itself has been examined and labeled a “religious” view.  Is it morally right to present one religious view on origins while forbidding the teaching of another religious view–creationism? 

Fifth, until the twentieth century, it was unlawful to teach evolution in the nation’s classrooms.  We believe that this was correct.  Today, the reverse has occurred: It is required that evolution be taught and creation is forbidden.  Let the thinking reader ask himself if this is fair at all. 

Sixth, true education looks at the scientific evidence and draws conclusions on this basis.  Why can it be unlawful or against the principles of sound education to look at the clear evidences of a designer or creator as the originator of all matter, including all living things?  This is only fair. 

Seventh, we know that everything must have a prior cause.  If matter (including the heavenly bodies, the earth, and human beings) is not eternal, who caused it?  Who created it?  Every material thing must have a cause, an originator, a creator.  While it is true that we cannot know everything about the nature and character of this Originator, Maker, or Creator, we can at least know that He exists!  We can know that He is wise, powerful, knowledgeable, and eternal (Romans 1:18-21; Acts 17:24-31).  Students should know that logically there must be a Creator! 

I realize that many people seek to be fair-minded and would propose that all three views be presented in the public school classroom—evolution, intelligent design, and creation.  This, at least, would be better than the present biased and immoral requirement of evolution alone.  However, as a committed Christian, who values the truth above all theories, it is my deep conviction that only the truth should be taught to the children of the United States (and the world!).  

If evolution is false and if the idea of intelligent design is lacking and very limited in its scope, it cannot be right to teach any degree of falsehood in the public schools!  If the Bible is true—and I am convinced from a wealth of evidence that it is definitely true—then God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning!  There is an intelligent Creator!  He is eternal and matter is created.  To deny God and to close our eyes to His creative work is to be guilty of a grave and outrageous sin.  It is a blasphemous offense against your Creator and mine.  Can one imagine a more wicked and perverse crime as this? 

I can understand the difficulty of trying to teach the truth of creation’s origins in the public school classrooms, as they now exist.  How can an unbelieving evolutionary biology, chemistry, or physics teacher show the unbiased facts of creation to his or her students?  This is one reason why many committed families have chosen to teach their children at home, where the lies of evolution need not corrupt the minds of their sons and daughters.  

I realize that I have only addressed the problem of teaching evolution in the primary and secondary schools of America.  This is even more of a problem in the advanced educational institutions of the country where evolution is the established “god” of the campus.  What is wrong in the first twelve grades is doubly wrong in the colleges and universities of the land.  Evolutionary theories are wrong wherever they are found! 

Whatever is done, we would unapologetically promote the truth of God’s creation and condemn the falsehood of evolution! 

Richard Hollerman



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