Some Thoughts on Time in the Author’s Life



Some Thoughts on Time in the Author’s Life

[The following selection may seem extreme to some of our readers.  It may seem legalistic.  It may even seem unrealistic.  However, Fomum’s seriousness in dealing with this matter of time use has convicted me—and it may convict you as well.  Read with an open mind and let us derive as much good from this as possible.  RH]

  1. Time is one of the most precious gifts that God has given me.

  2. I will give account on Judgment day for the way I have used every minute since I believed in You.

  3. Anything that wastes my time is an enemy.  I must get rid of it.

  4. Anyone who wastes my time is an enemy.  I must avoid him.

  5. If anyone is wasting my time, I must say so at once.  Lord, give me the boldness to walk straight to the person instead of praying that he would be touched by You to go away.

  6. All who love me would help me to conserve my time and use it properly.

  7. All who love me would remind me of any occasion during which I am being undisciplined with time.  Lord, help them to minister to me in this way.

  8. Lord, the end of this fast signals the end of all indulgence with time until the Lord Jesus comes.

  9. I commit myself, in the name of the Lord Jesus, to make a timetable for each day and to keep to it, except under very special circumstances when God intervenes.  Lord, enable me to be faithful.

  10. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I commit myself to set a goal for each day and to ensure that it is accomplished.  I refuse to make any day a matter of routine.

  11. I commit myself, in the name of the Lord Jesus, to seek God’s will for the day ahead and to establish the timetable according to what You show me.

  12. Lord . . . I will resist all that will come to disturb it, with full force.  Lord, grant me the needed strength of character to accomplish this desire.  However, I pray God, that You will make me to discern when You are introducing something into the program that was not there before.  In such cases, Lord, enable me to accept the change with joy.

  13. Lord, in the name of the Lord Jesus, I commit myself, to the following distribution of my time during the university term time:

    10 Hours for You, my Lord

    7 Hours for the practice of my tent-making—teaching at the University.

    7 Hours for myself—sleep, eating, and so on.

  14. Lord, in the name of the Lord Jesus, I commit myself to the following working hours on Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays, Christmas vacation Easter vacation and the Long Vacation:

    18 Hours for You, my Lord


    6 Hours for myself


  15. Lord, grant that the 10 hours that are reserved for You during working days will be spent as follows: 5 Hours with you and 5 Hours for You, that is 5 hours spent in Prayer, Bible reading and waiting and ministering to You and 5 hours spent in ministering to Your children and to those who are yet to become Your children.

  16. Lord, grant that the 18 hours that will be given to You during week-ends and the holidays will be distributed as follows: 8 hours with You and ten hours for You.

  17. Lord, grant that my body will adapt to finding 4 hours of sleep a day more than sufficient, that is, 3 hours at night and 1 hour in the day.

  18. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I say, “Woe to the spirit of indiscipline with time.  You have no part in me.”  Lord, help me to cooperate with You and so remain delivered all the time.  I refuse to cooperate in anyway with indiscipline in the use of time.

  19. I commit myself to give account to God of every fifteen minutes of my life.  I commit myself to break up my day into 96 periods of 15 minutes and carefully use each one to the glory of God and give Him daily accounts.

  20. I commit myself to carry a notebook in which I record how the day is being spent so that my account to You at the end of the day will be true and honest.
  21. Lord, enable me to ask myself the following questions and receive a clear answer before I go to any place:

    (a) What will I record that the time was spent for?


    Is it absolutely necessary?


    Will I satisfy the heart of God by going there?


    Will going there contribute to the one task of accomplishing the call of God on my life?  Lord, give me the courage to face these questions squarely.

    Give me the courage to give honest answers to them. Give me the courage to act accordingly, regardless of who is hurt by my action.  Lord, I commit myself to hurt everyone else, if need be, but God, forbid that I ever hurt You.

  22. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I refuse to accept the spirit of tiredness while there is still strength in me to work.  I refuse all premature evidence of tiredness.

  23. Lord, perform a miracle in my body so that each sleeping hour will be equal to two, so that I will always be strong and fully alert.

  24. Lord, grant that when I am tired I will have a ten minute nap which will cause strength, freshness and full vigor to return to the whole body.

  25. In the name of Jesus, I refuse to repeat what I have heard from one person to another, since this will consume time uselessly and since what is told may be false.  I refuse to become a spreader of false ideas.

  26. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I refuse to listen to all who are telling stories about things that others said.  I refuse to join a group of people who are chatting purposelessly. . . .

  27. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I refuse to say anything negative about anyone to someone else.  It is committing two sins: A. the sin of wasting time. B. the sin of gossiping.

  28. Lord, enable me to put a poster in our house that says,

    “We do not gossip here.  We do not tell the stories we have heard here.  We do not say anything that the Lord would not say here.  We shall give account on Judgment Day for all that we say.  Help us to walk rightly with God now and not to stand condemned on that day.  If You have nothing of consequence to say, keep quiet or better still, go away.  We are grateful for your visit.  Come again when You have a God-approved reason to come.”

  29. Lord, rework my entire personality so that I will breathe the impression that I have no time for useless things.  Lord, grant that it will not only be an impression but that it will be reality.  Lord, do it.

  30. Lord, sent a watch over my mouth—over my tongue.  I want to say only things that I will gladly repeat before You on the day of reckoning and receive a full reward for having said them.

  31. Lord, grant that I will stay at the priority projects of fasting, prayer the making of disciples, writing, and so on, and resist all attempts by Satan and all the powers of [hell] to drab me into secondary or tertiary issues.

  32. Lord, I realize that the accomplishment of my life’s goal depends largely on how well I use my time.  Lord, because I must accomplish Your call on my life, help me as I make the redemption of time one of the priorities of my life.

  33. Lord, enable me to help each one who is closely associated with me to use his time so as to win Your approval.  In the name of the Lord, I break the power of wasting time in all who are close to me and I impose on each of them the spirit of using time for God’s glory.

  34. Lord God, You can enable me to accomplish these desires of my heart.  Without You, I would fail utterly.  I want to succeed.  I will cooperate fully with You.  Lord, help me to succeed.  Lord, help me.

Zacharias Tanee Fomum, The Use of Time, pp. 11-14


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