So Many Tears

So Many Tears

So many tears we shed each day
As we face our hurts and fears.
Our lives are burdened by much distress
As we travel this vale of tears.

The same was true in Bible days,
For tears are our common lot.
They reveal the sorrows of our heart
And mark the battles we fought.

Jeremiah was the ancient prophet of tears
As he warned God’s people of sin.
With crying, he lifted his passionate voice,
Prophesying with anguish within.

Paul the apostle likewise with sorrow cried,
Often weeping for his flock.
He wept for needy ones whom he knew
Throughout his earthly walk.

Peter wept in repentance one cold night,
And Timothy wept for Paul.
Believers wept for the apostle on shore—
So many tears have been shed for all.

Jesus our Lord wept often in life,
With His heart burdened great with love.
He cried o’er the city of unbelief,
Weeping before His Father above.

But what about you, my loving friend—
Do you weep for your weakness and sin?
Do you weep for a brother or sister of yours,
With a heart of sorrow within?

Do we shed tears for sinners whom we know
Who one day in anguish will dwell?
Do we cry with compassion and love for the lost,
For the multitudes destined for hell?

The hopeless condition of family and friends
Should overwhelm us with deep concern.
Do we weep for their place before our God
And for them does our heart burn?

Be not ashamed for the tears that you shed
For like your Savior you will be.
With Jesus your Savior let your eyes freely weep
And then you will truly see!

Richard Hollerman



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