Simple, Sensible Savings



Simple, Sensible Savings

Balance your budget and eat sensibly with these simple tips that add up to surprising savings:

Buy what’s in season.

Clip coupons and follow sales. Drugstores such as Walgreen’s or CVS often have great prices on select items.

Practice portion control. Eat the recommended “deck of card size” piece of meat/poultry/fish versus the average double that size and slash savings in half.

Pack your lunch. Are you spending $5 to $10 (or more) five days a week eating out? Imagine the savings!

Use water as your main beverage versus soda, juice, tea, carbonated beverages, flavored water, etc.

Eating at home more often can not only save money, save calories, be more nutritious, it can also help bring your family closer by bringing everyone to the table.

Use meat/poultry/fish as a side dish versus the main entrée.

Choose generic or less expensive store brands.

Shop from a list to avoid unplanned purchases. Shop without the kids to avoid unwanted distractions and temptations.

Buy in bulk—family size packages of poultry and meat. Divide and freeze.

Cook in quantities for two or more meals and pack single lunch portions.

Although great for portion control, the 100 calorie snack packs are no bargain and can burn a hole in a budget. Buy larger packages and divide into individual snack baggies to save money.

Avoid prepackaged foods. Skip the pre-washed salad greens, pre-cut fruit and veggies, and packaged grain products like Rice-a Roni.

Invest in a slow cooker for efficient one dish meals.,-Sensible-Savings.aspx

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