Should We Subsidize Sexual Immorality?



Should We Subsidize Sexual Immorality?

This issue has become increasingly common in our modern world. We know that there are various kinds of immorality and, in the sexual realm, we are aware that it is wrong to commit fornication, adultery, sodomy, and the like. All of these sexual sins have disastrous effects in this life and in the life to come.

Since such activity is sinful and displeasing to God (cf. Romans 1:24-28; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Galatians 5:19-21), is it right for us to be forced to help support these sinful behaviors?  But this is just what the government is seeking to impose on moral and righteous people.  We are being told that the government should support birth control for unmarried teens. But is it moral for the government to force us to pay for such contraceptives?  To ask the question is to answer it. Only those responsible for the sinful behavior should pay for their own immorality.

We know that homosexuality or sodomy is a “hot topic” in today’s world. In yesterday’s newspaper, we were greeted with this headline: “New York Promotes Anti-HIV pill.” The story says: “New York City’s health department is advertising on gay hookup apps and lobbying doctors to promote wider use of a controversial anti-HIV pill that vastly cuts the risk of infection.” But the article goes on to add, “But the therapy has stoked infighting among AIDS activists over promiscuity and safer sex practices.”

The Newsday article says that “Officials lament that the blue pill, Truvada, remains unpopular among uninfected gay men at greatest risk for HIV, despite its endorsement by federal and global public health agencies for what is known as ‘pre-exposure prophylaxis,’ or PrEP.” At first, the pill was recommended for those who were HIV-positive but in 2012 it was also recommended for all sodomite men “who are not diligent about condom use during gay sex.”

Isn’t it true that the terrible disease of AIDS could be eradicated by simply ceasing to engage in sinful sexual activity? If every sodomite would cease committing this unspeakable sin, much of the infection could be stopped immediately. But the impassioned sodomite so much desires sexual perversion that he is unwilling to do what could to keep this insidious disease from infecting him and his sexual partner!

What is the response of the government to the HIV epidemic? Does the state make sodomy unlawful—as it formerly was in every state of the Union? Any logical and moral person should be able to see this. But in our libertarian age in which “anything goes” sexually, the government refuses to do what it should do. The “solution” that it comes up with is irrational.  “The pill, to be taken daily, costs up to $1,800 monthly, but is covered by most insurance plans and is heavily subsidized for those who can’t afford it. A major study found it to be more than 90 percent effective” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 1, 2014).

Think about this. The sodomite who chooses to use this pill so that he can continue to practice his perverse lifestyle without consequences, is willing to have his insurance plan pay for it at $1,800 a month! This would mean that you and I and anyone else who has a particular health plan are required to subsidize a sodomite’s immoral behavior! Our own insurance premiums are raised to support a $21,600 per year medicine that supposedly allows the sodomite to sin without contracting AIDS. This is not only irrational; it is also immoral! It violates the Golden Rule that says the sodomite should not do anything that he wouldn’t want others to do to him. Would he want to be responsible for paying $21,600 a year to allow another person to continue his sinful activity?

Why is it that this country is so determined to promote freedom and liberty (falsely called) that it will insist on the “freedom” of the sodomite to sin which results in everyone supporting his sin?  Is this really freedom? Why not allow the insurance companies to carry on their promotion of healthcare with the exclusion of sinful behavior, whether it be smoking, drunkenness, or homosexuality?

Where is the sanity in this country? Why is it that authorities can’t see what lies before them? It is true that a sodomite who continues his unclean lifestyle may get AIDS and be put in the hospital. Then the American public must pay $100,000 or $300,000 through their taxes to support the public hospital to care for the AIDS patient. Why should you and I be required to pay for this? Would it not be just for the patient himself to pay for these medical services, even if it were to mean his savings were garnished and his house and car sold? Why should we pay for someone else’s sin?

When will America wake up?

Richard Hollerman



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