She’s Waiting

She’s Waiting


She’s Waiting

Titus 2:3

There’s a younger woman needing
Some time from your fast-wound clock.
There’s a younger woman hoping
For some help from your well-worn Book.

She needs what you have gleaned
From that grain on the rocky path.
She needs the oil that someone poured
When you feared instead their wrath.

She has a hurt that has left her
With a wound as big as life,
And a question you could answer
If you’d only be “midwife.”

Perhaps someone has wronged her
And she knows she’s to forgive
But no one’s ever taught her how
So she waits — to guilt captive.

Or perhaps someone abused her
And violated trust,
And she wonders if our God likes that
Or if He really is so just.

She’s waiting by a well
That could heal her thirsty soul,
But if you don’t draw and give to her
She may never be made whole.

–By David M. Atkinson


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