Richard’s Marriage Commitments


Richard’s Marriage Commitments

Richard’s Marriage Commitments

I, Richard, take you, Monica, to be my wedding wife.

I will love you with all of my heart all the days of my life.

I promise to walk continually in the fear of God.

I will keep Christ the central focus of my life and will follow Him in full obedience wherever He may lead, without compromise, and without excuse.

I will keep my heart blameless before God and sensitive to His Spirit.

I will seek first the kingdom of God, the Word of God, and the ways of God.

I will be the spiritual leader that God has appointed me to be.

I will faithfully spend time praying and studying God’s Word together with you.

I will keep communication open and share with you what is on my heart.

I will thoughtfully consider your counsel in all decisions that I make.

I will be open to your correction and will seek forgiveness and grant forgiveness.

I will determine to raise up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, if God should give them as His gift.

I will nourish you and seek to supply all your spiritual needs.

I will take time to listen to your heart and encourage and build you up in every way I can.

I will love and cherish you as Christ loved His people, His spiritual body of believers.

I will faithfully maintain my love and devotion for you and will seek to honor you and bless you in all I do and say.

I will make you my earthly priority in my life, above all other people and things on earth.

These are my commitments to you, my Moni.  This is my sincere desire and goal, with the help and blessing of God.

I love you, Monica.

(July 8, 2006)

Note: Because of Matthew 5:33-37 and James 5:12, we have avoided using “vow” or “swear” or “oath” in these commitments.


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