Religious Liberty–or State Discrimination?

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Religious Liberty—or State Discrimination?

Richard Hollerman

I anticipated Kathy Miller’s article, “Texas Attorney General is Undermining Religious Liberty.” Sincere, devoted, conservative Christians value liberty of conscience.

I was shocked to discover that Miller was promoting the very opposite principle! This feminist president of Texas Freedom Network advocated coercing Christians to violate their conscience in favor of governmental laws opposing the word of God!

Miller says that “businesses and individuals” and “government officials” should violate their God-given conscience to further the principles of civil government. An example– “opposition to same-sex marriage and to measures protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination.” Yet God has clearly spoken on these matters. The consistent Christian must refuse to disobey the Lord and His Word even when it means disobeying the immoral, unjust law of the land! (e.g.Nazism!)

How can civil law take supremacy over God’s higher Law? The government wisely makes provision for this—conscientious objectors to refuse military service, employees to refuse labor union membership, etc. Why should the Christian teach evolution knowing that God created everything instead of blind chance originating all things?

Christians need to make known their conscientious convictions and not allow the TFN to deny them rights that God alone has the ability to establish!

–Sent to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on March 23, 2016.

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