Do You Really Want to Escape Hell and Go to Heaven?


Heaven and hell

Do You Really Want
to Escape Hell and Go to Heaven?

Many of our wants and desires are superficial and amount to very little.   Do I want to eat at 5 or 6 tonight?  Do I want to eat an apple or orange for a snack?  Do I want to stop for gasoline at this place or the next one?  Some of our desires are much weightier: Do I want to major in mathematics, chemistry, or education in school?  Do I want to live in Denver, Atlanta, or Richmond?  Who do I want to marry for life?  These are important life desires and decisions.

And then there are the really weighty and life-changing desires we may have: Do I want to learn of Zen Buddhism, Islam, or some form of Christianity?  Do I want to make a change in my life that will alter my beliefs, lifestyle, and relationships?  More importantly, do I really want to believe and obey God, do I want to learn of Jesus Christ, and do I want to go to heaven more than any earthly desire and goal?

Many millions of people are so confused about the subject of religion that they don’t know what to believe. Their parents have taught them one religion, they have gone to a certain church in their youth, their friend tried to talk to them about a certain “Christian” belief—but all of this is perplexing.  Besides, there are so many other important decisions that compete for our attention (what occupation to enter, what school to go to, where to live, what relationship to establish), that many people just put off the really important matters to later in life—or just give up completely.

However, your spiritual condition right now, your relationship with God (or lack of relationship), and your ultimate eternal destiny are issues you should not put off!  You only have one life and are on earth only a very, very short time; therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you find out immediately where you are in God’s sight.  You need to know where you will go if you die this very night!  If you have a fatal car wreck today or if you drop dead of a surprising heart attack or stroke tomorrow, you need to know where you are going!  Someone has rightly pointed out, “You are not ready to live, until you are prepared to die!”  Are you prepared?  Do you have a passionate desire to know the truth?  Do you really want the answers?

Here are some facts for you to keep in mind:

  1. You only have one life and are not guaranteed one more day!
  1. God, who created everything that exists, has a plan for your life and now is the time to discover that plan and order your life in light of it.
  1. You need to be forgiven of the guilt of your sin (that we all have) for no sin can enter heaven.
  1. After death, we will be in eternal agony away from God (in hell) or will be in everlasting bliss in God’s presence (in paradise of God’s kingdom).
  1. The many different religions and ways of life will lead you astray and not lead you to the truth. They are a confusing assortment of philosophies, religions, and ideologies but there is only one true way to heaven.
  1. It is possible for you to know the truth and the way to be rescued from this chaotic, confusing maze of different philosophies and religions.
  1. This truth is found in God’s own revelation of Himself, and this is what we call the Bible.

Jesus told the story of a man who found a treasure hidden in a field; he was willing to sell everything he had to buy that field—and claim the treasure (Matthew 13:44).  He told of another man who found a pearl of great value; he was willing to sell everything he owned to buy that pearl (verses 45-46).  Are you willing to see the “treasure” of God’s own kingdom—and leave everything to come to Him?  Are you willing to see the “pearl” of God’s will and turn from everything else to embrace it?

Jesus promised, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32).  He said that His own Word (found in the Bible) is the truth that will rescue you from your sin (John 17:17).  He also said that He—personally—was the way, the truth, and the life and the only way to God in heaven (John 14:6).  Through His death for your sin and His literal bodily resurrection from death, Jesus became the only way to God in heaven!

You may reply, “I am so confused that I don’t know where to turn and what to believe.  I’m willing to follow wherever the truth will lead, but how can I know the truth of God?  I don’t want to be deceived by religious charlatans, by crooked TV evangelists, or by church priests and pastors who are greedy for money and want to maintain their own church traditions.  So what can I do?”

This is our challenge to you, if you are a sincere truth-seeker.  Pray from your heart this prayer: “Dear God, I am confused but want to know your will.  Lead me to your truth.  Show me the way.  I am afraid of the guilt of my sin and terrified of going to hell.  Let me know about Jesus, your Son, and help me to know how to be forgiven and go to heaven when I die.  I am willing to believe and obey whatever you reveal to me. Amen.”

Second, if you have internet access or can find a computer in the library, check out our website that is filled with more than 1,700 different articles that can help you to learn of God, His truth, and His will for your life:

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