Quiz3: Subjects or Leading Thoughts of New Testament Books



(Choose the BEST description of each New Testament book. Place the letter of the description on the blank at left.)

___ 1. Matthew

___ 2. Mark

___ 3. Luke

___ 4. John a pagan community

___ 5. Acts

___ 6. Romans

___ 7. 1 Corinthians

___ 8. 2 Corinthians

___ 9. Galatians

___ 10. Ephesians

___ 11. Philippians

___ 12. Colossians

___ 13. 1 Thessalonians

___ 14. 2 Thessalonians

___ 15. 1 Timothy

___ 16. 2 Timothy

___ 17. Titus

___ 18. Philemon

___ 19. Hebrews gospel

___ 20. James

___ 21. 1 Peter

___ 22. 2 Peter

___ 23. 1 John

___ 24. 2 John

___ 25. 3 John

___ 26. Jude

___ 27. Revelation


Choose from the following answers:

(a) Rejection of John’s helpers

(b) Practical instructions and good deeds as evidence of faith

(c) Many instructions and various sins in a pagan and immoral community

(d) Second coming of Christ to new Christians

(e) Second coming of Christ clarified to the same Christians

(f) Jesus as Messiah and King of the Jews

(g) Conduct and joy of believers during a time of suffering

(h) Jesus as the Son of God

(i) Joy in Christ and with other believers

(j) Victory of Christ over sin and the world and the end of all things

(k) Jesus as the Servant of the Lord

(l) Light, Love, Truth, Assurance

(m) Christ as Lord of His people, and the believer’s position in Christ

(n) Contend earnestly for the faith and warning against false teachers

(o) Working of the Holy Spirit and the spread of the gospel

(p) Freedom from the Law of Moses through faith in Christ

(q) Paul’s service ended and final instructions to his young helper

(r) False teachers who do not abide in the teaching of Christ

(s) Sound teaching and good deeds

(t) Defense of Paul’s apostleship

(u) Certainty of the gospel, the great apostasy, and the second coming of Christ

(v) Christ as Lord of the universe, and the believer’s completeness in Christ

(w) Superiority of Priesthood of Christ, His salvation, and the New Covenant

(x) Explanation of salvation and practical application of this to life

(y) Instructions for an evangelist on how to conduct the affairs of the believing community

(z) Jesus as Perfect man and friend of sinners

(zz) Instructions about a runaway slave

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