Quiz16: Objects in the New Testament


Quiz 16

 Objects in the New Testament

             Read the statements listed below and find the correct answer from the objects listed at the end.  You may look up the Bible references if needed.  

_____ (1)  Jesus overturned these in the temple (Matt. 21:12). 

_____ (2)  The Ethiopian eunuch was sitting in one of these (Acts 8:28) 

_____ (3)  A boy had two of these and gave them to Jesus (John 6:9-11). 

_____ (4)  Jesus told Peter that he would find a coin here (Matt. 17:27). 

_____ (5)  Judas betrayed Jesus to the Jews for this (Matt. 26:14-15). 

_____ (6)  Judas had this and would steal from it (John 12:6). 

_____ (7)  Mary wiped Jesus’ feet with this (John 12:3). 

_____ (8)  The sinful woman used this to wet Jesus’ feet (Luke 8:38,44). 

_____ (9)  Jesus said that one of these is not put under a peck-measure or bushel (Matt.


_____ (10)  Five foolish virgins in Jesus’ parable ran out of this (Matt. 25:8). 

_____ (11)  John the baptizer was not worthy to untie this (John 1:27). 

_____ (12)  John said that this is laid at the root of the trees (Luke 3:9). 

_____ (13)  John said that one who has two of these should share with one who has none.

            (Luke 3:10-11). 

_____ (14)  The disciples (in the upper room) said that they had two of these

            (Luke 22:38). 

_____ (15)  Jesus poured water into this (John 13:5). 

_____ (16)  Jesus told a sick man whom he healed to carry this (John 5:8-9). 

_____ (17)  If a son asks for a loaf of bread, a father will not give this to him (Matt. 7:9). 

_____ (18)  Jesus said that we must enter a narrow or small one (Matt. 7:13-14). 

_____ (19)  A person who gives one of these will not lose his reward (Matt. 10:42). 

_____ (20)  The Samaritan woman left this when she went to the city (John 4:28). 

_____ (21)  Simon the Cyrene had to carry this (Matt. 27:32). 

_____ (22)  A poor widow only had two of these (Luke 21:1-4). 

_____ (23)  Jesus said that He saw Nathanael under one of these (John 1:48). 

_____ (24)  Jesus sat in this when he taught the people (Luke 5:3). 

_____ (25)  Peter did not have this to give to the lame man in the temple (Acts 3:6). 

Choose from these Answers 

(a)    Waterpot

(b)   Gate

(c)    Thirty pieces of silver

(d)   Fig tree

(e)    Axe

(f)     Lamp

(g)    Tables

(h)    Cup of cold water

(i)      Tears

(j)     Swords

(k)   Barley loaves

(l)      Stone

(m)  Silver and gold

(n)    Oil

(o)   Pallet (mat)

(p)   Chariot

(q)   Tunics (long shirts)

(r)     Cross

(s)    Money box

(t)     Sandal

(u)    Mouth of a fish

(v)    Hair

(w)  Basin

(x)    Small coins

(y)    Boat

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