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Do you have a question about God’s will? Have you always wondered what the Bible says on a specific topic but could not find the answer? Have you wondered what a particular verse in the Scriptures means? Perhaps this department of the True Discipleship website is for you!

From time to time we plan to answer various questions on the Bible. Probably thousands of questions can be asked, some of greater importance than others. Perhaps your own question may be answered in this section. It may be that the “Biblical Subjects” department already has an article dealing with your concern. Check it out to see.

Not every Biblical topic is as clear as we might like. Not every topic is as important to our daily living or ultimate salvation. And we just don’t have the wisdom to answer every single question than may arise. However, hopefully, you will find this section to be interesting, stimulating, and informative as you seek to grow in the knowledge of the truth and the ways of God.

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