Pyramidology and Pyramid Power

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By Rick Branch
go site Founder: John Taylor (Pyramidology)

follow link Founding Date: 1859

go here Organization Structure: There are numerous groups using Pyramidology or teaching forms of pyramid power ranging from small New Age organizations to early Jehovah’s Witnesses. The practice of seeking hidden knowledge or supernatural power from pyramids is widespread and diverse and lacks any organizational structure of its own.

source link Unique Terms: The Pyramid Inch is a measurement which equates one inch of the Great Pyramid to one year in time. Pyramid Power is a fringe teaching, predominantly of New Age devotees, which ascribes psychic or spiritual powers to the pyramid shape.

Amidst the shifting sand and desert heat, shrouded in mystery and controversy stand the pyramids. These edifices, towering above the imaginations of most mortals, have become the religious focal point for hundreds of thousands of people throughout history. Many have advanced theories about the structures’ origins ranging from divinely inspired Hebrews to unidentified space buddies. HISTORY

The real history of modern Pyramidology began in 1859 when John Taylor, who had never visited the Great Pyramid, “became convinced that its architect was not an Egyptian, but an Israelite acting under divine orders. Perhaps it was Noah himself. `He who built the ark was, of all men, the most competent to direct the building of the Great Pyramid,’ Taylor wrote” ( click here Mysterious Pyramid Power, Martin Ebon, editor, p. 62).

Taylor used not only computations compiled by other men interested in the Egyptian pyramids, but “also found a score of passages in both the Old and New Testament which, if wrenched from their contexts, can be interpreted as references to the stone monument” ( Ibid).

Following Taylor, Charles Piazzi Smyth, an Astronomer, who in 1864, further developed the Pyramidology theory that the Great Pyramid held secrets to understanding Bible prophecy. He explained, “these measurements also embodied in cipher form prophesies relating to the events that would later form the body of the Old Testament, as well as the complete future history of Christendom up to and including the Second Coming of Christ” ( viagra x5 Man, Myth and Magic, Richard Cavendish, editor, Vol. 17, p. 2313).

A key element in the study of Pyramidology is the pyramid inch. The number of inches point A is from point B, determines, according to Pyramidology, the date for biblical events and their fruition. There seems to be some disagreement, however, among historians as to who developed the pyramid inch. According to Martin Gardner, writing in Mysterious Pyramid Power, “Smyth” was its founder based on the original Great Pyramid “casting stone” (pp. 63-64). However, J.A. West explains that “In 1865, another early pyramidologist, Robert Menzies, put forward the idea that prophecies and biblical history were inscribed into the Pyramid in the ratio of one pyramid inch per solar year, and pyramidology was complete” ( biology homework help Man, Myth and Magic, Vol. 17, p. 2314).

Once all the pieces were in place anyone could then unlock the secrets of the Great Pyramid. “By taking measurements of the perimeter, sides, outer courses and masonry, inner chambers, galleries and corridors, by dividing the results by certain numbers held to be significant in the construction of the pyramid, and by relating the results to biblical chronology and to the history of Christianity, exact correspondences were claimed to exist. By the same token, an understanding of the cipher was supposed to permit the making of prophecies up to the Second Coming which, following the pyramid-inch-year theory up the Great Gallery, was clearly close at hand” ( Ibid).

However, it was this very simple system that was to so completely complicate and entangle the entire process. Because there were no specific numbers by which other numbers were divided, multiplied, added or subtracted, any number could be used to calculate any event. It was therefore not surprising that many historically significant biblical events were miraculously found in the Great Pyramid through this process of divination!

It is also not surprising that many groups began to teach a variety of prophetic events based on their own arbitrary calculation. Organizations and Events

So prevalent had the Pyramidology phenomenon become that it even influenced some of the larger cults of America.

One early proponent of Pyramidology who added to its already supernatural mysticism was Madame Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891). As a leader in Theosophy, a mixture of Eastern philosophy and Occultism, she gave Pyramidology a ritualistic flavor. “According to Madame Blavatsky, the interior of the pyramid was used for the performance of sacred rituals connected with the proofreading emails Egyptian Book of the Dead, and most theosophists today assume there are vast mysteries of some sort connected with the stone monument that are known only to initiates” ( Mysterious Pyramid Power, p. 71).

Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, published his book source The Divine Plan of the Ages in 1886. Each copy had a large fold-out diagram dissecting a pyramid and explaining the biblical events it prophesied. These events stretched from the Genesis flood to the post-millennial reign of Christ. In speaking about this pyramid chart, the 1907 edition states, “As the frontispieces of this volume we give a chart representing the plan of God for the world’s salvation. By it we have sought to aid the mind, through the eye, in understanding something of the progressive character of God’s plan, and the progressive steps which must be taken by all who ever attain the complete `change’ from the human to the divine nature” (p. 219).

Pyramidology has also been a tool to some in the Identity movement. As Gardner writes, “Another fundamentalist sect that has made even stronger use of the `Bible in Stone,’ is the Anglo-Israel movement. This cult regards the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples as descendants of the ten tribes of Israel, and therefore heir to all the promises God made to Abraham” ( Mysterious Pyramid Power, p. 69).

Known as the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) often announced startling information to his followers while in his trances. Believing in both Pyramidology and reincarnation, Cayce cast himself into a most interesting role with regards to the construction of the Great Pyramid. “Edgar Cayce, during his trance readings, said the Great Pyramid is 10,000 years old and was built by a consortium of Egyptians, Atlanteans, and itinerant Caucasians from southwest Russia. The consortium was led by Hermes, an Egyptian high priest named Ra Ta (a past incarnation of Cayce), and an adviser named Isis. The pyramid served as a storage place for all the human history and prophecies up to the year 1998 (the time of the Second Coming of Christ, according to Cayce), recording in the languages of mathematics, geometry, and astronomy. Cayce said it also was an initiation temple where, thousands of years later, Jesus was initiated during his `missing years’ as preparation for his public career” ( follow Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experiences, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, p. 492).

In 1931, the Deseret News Publishing Company, an official publisher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints produced a book by Francis M. Darter. In his book, Our Bible in Stone: Its Divine Purpose and Present Day Message, Darter provides numerous pages of biblical/Pyramidology calculations. Near the conclusion of his book, which pictures the Great Pyramid on its cover, Darter speaks of the Second Coming of Christ. He writes, “I have, in one of my works, `The Time of the End,’ analyzed the most vital prophecies recorded in the Hebrew Bible. From that record the date of A.D. 1940 was found to represent what appears to be the extreme limit for the Second Coming of Christ. The Great Pyramid has apparently placed this event near the close of 1936. As for myself, I am looking toward this date more than to any other” (p. 144).

R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, an orientalist who died in 1953, taught that Egyptologists have “failed to `think Egyptian.'” He explained, “When hieroglyphic documents and inscriptions are read in this way every aspect of Egyptian culture is given a new dimension. Thus the animal-headed deities of Egyptian religion – dog-headed Anubis, the cat goddess Bast, ibis-headed Thoth, lord of wisdom and magic – represent cosmic functions such as birth, death, and resurrection.” It is not surprising that these non-traditional and non-scholarly ideas have “been accepted enthusiastically by many Western Occultists who feel it confirms their own belief in the existence of an ancient wisdom that has either been lost, or has survived only in the traditions of small and often secret Occult groups” ( The Supernatural: Wisdom From Afar, Francis King, pp. 70-71).

Stumbling further into darkness, the popular writer of the 1960’s and `70’s, Erich von Daniken who wrote cialis pastilla Chariots of the Gods?, explained in another of his works, “Who nowadays can still accept the `serious’ archaeological explanation that these stone blocks were moved up inclined planes using wooden rollers? So could it be true that extraterrestrial space travelers helped with their highly developed technology?” ( go to site In Search of Ancient Gods, p. 60).

Concerning the many wild prognostications made by Pyramidologists through the past century, the Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology correctly observed, “It remains to be added that calculations based on identification of the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower with Biblical prophecy would also yield striking prophecies” (Leslie A. Shepard, editor, Vol. 2, p. 759).

follow link PYRAMID POWER

In recent years, with the epidemic of New Age theology infecting all areas of society, Pyramidology has experienced a resurgence in popularity. However, it is no longer simply a technique for predicting future events. Rather, the pyramid shape itself is being seen as a supernatural source of power or energy. The pyramid power has become the primary focus of everything from veterinarian concerns to extraterrestrial messages.

One of the most interesting accounts of Pyramid power was cited by Serge King in his book, best buy meridia phentermine propecia viagra Pyramid Energy Handbook. In this book, King speaks of ways people can help their dogs, cats, fish and fowl. He explains, “One of my researchers recently reported that she placed a pyramid over the cage of an excitable bird. The bird immediately flew to the top of the cage in an apparent attempt to get as close to the pyramid as possible and has since remained far more calm than before” (pp. 92-93).

Not only do New Age proponents believe pyramid power can help their pets, they also teach, they too can be supercharged. In June Bletzer’s pre calc homework help Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary a technique known as Pyramid Meditation is discussed. In this process the person is “to sit under a suspended pyramid or inside a large pyramid for meditation; individuals face the east; some may feel very relaxed and others will be rejuvenated with energy; the energy is not harmful to people but can be overwhelming and, therefore, one must know his or her own limits” (p. 519).

The danger of over-dosing on Pyramid power energy is apparently an acceptable risk for many New Agers. During such periods, some “Pyramid meditators said their psychic faculties opened, and some claimed to communicate with extraterrestrials” ( when to follow up freelance writer after sending resume to publisher Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience, p. 493).

viagra achat sur internet OTHER DOCTRINES

While Pyramidology is a self-contained ideology, there are several beliefs that often accompany it. First, reincarnation is a constant companion with groups in the New Age and Occult who believe in Pyramidology. Second, many individuals in the areas of Paganism and Egyptian Polytheism also practice Pyramidology because of their theological perspectives. Finally, the practices of Numerology and Divination are closely linked to Pyramidology due to the necessity of the manipulation of numbers whereby prophecies are determined. BIBLICAL RESPONSE

1) Christ’s Second Coming. Matthew 24:36, 25:13; I Thessalonians 5:2.

2) Divination is condemned in Deuteronomy 18:10 and Jeremiah 14:14.


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