Presbyterian Church Falls to a New Low


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Falls to a New Low

Richard Hollerman

Another major American denomination has fallen prey to the wicked philosophy that the Bible is not to be our guide and is not to be trusted.  Adam and Eve disbelieved God in the beginning and it plunged them into sin and death, and the Presbyterian Church’s leaders refuse to believe God in our day.  What would John Calvin and John Knox think if they knew that their spiritual heirs took the stand that Presbyterian clergy have just taken?

In today’s newspaper, the lead line reads, “Leaders OK Change in Policy on Gay Clergy.” According to the report, Presbyterian leaders “voted Thursday to allow noncelibate gays in committed relationships to serve as clergy” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 9, 2010).  This makes this church “one of the most gay-friendly major Christian denominations in the U.S.”  These irresponsible leaders changed “the church’s definition of marriage from between ‘a man and a woman’ to between ‘two people.’”  This acceptance of homosexuality must yet be approved by the majority of the 173 presbyteries in the United States before this resolution can take effect.  Thus, it will depend on how liberal and immoral in thinking the membership as a whole is.

It is hard for us to conceive how this denomination of 2,800,000 members can institute a ruling like this that is so diametrically opposed to the truth of Scripture.  It is difficult to conceive how a denomination that claims to be “Christian” can approve of such an un-Christian position.  There are a few points I’d like to suggest on this.

First, this denomination and many other American mainline churches have long ago rejected a belief that the Bible is fully inspired of God through the Holy Spirit, thus is infallible and inerrant in all it affirms and thus authoritative for life and action.  While the Bible clearly affirms that it is inspired of God and useful for regulating our life (2 Timothy 3:16-17), when we depart from this basic fact, it leaves the door open to all kinds of aberrations that mankind wants to adopt and practice.

Second, the pressures of secularistic and humanistic culture are great and these affect the religious atmosphere in America.  If the secular society accepts sodomy as acceptable, unsaved religious people are likely to accept it as permissible as well.  They will then insert these immoral philosophies in the church of which they are a member.  Liberal denominations will therefore reflect the cultures in which they exist.  This is what has happened to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Third, the Bible allows no room for sexual immorality of any kind.  Homosexuality or sodomy was condemned in the Old Testament and the New Testament alike.  It is “unnatural” and considered “degrading passions” that involves “indecent acts” that are “worthy of death” (Romans 1:26-27, 32).  Homosexuality is considered “unrighteous” and it will prevent one from inheriting the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10).  It is a sin that one must be saved from through the washing away of such sins (v. 11).  Homosexuality is “contrary to sound teaching” and violates the moral law of God (1 Timothy 1:8-10).

Finally, the Bible warns against sodomy or homosexuality and says that one cannot inherit the kingdom of God if he or she is an unrepentant homosexual (1 Corinthians 6:9-10), and will suffer the wrath of God (Ephesians 5:3-7) and the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8) if he or she continues in fornication (porneia), a general term for all sexual sin.  We then have a double problem.  It is this.  If Presbyterians allow unrepentant and practicing sodomites to become clergymen and clergywomen, they will be following such leaders who clearly will suffer God’s wrath in hell unless they repent. 

Isn’t this utterly inconsistent?  How can a professing Christian follow one who is cut off from God and will be eternally condemned?  How can a church accept leaders who cannot have a saving relationship with God?  How can sincere Presbyterians follow such leaders?  It is just as inconsistent as following a Catholic priest who is a pedophile, or a preacher who is living with his secretary, or a minister who is living in adultery.  Besides this, the Bible clearly says that we are not to have fellowship with a professing brother who is a fornicator (1 Corinthians 5:11-13).  This term (porneia) means one who practices any sexual sin.

Will sincere Presbyterians rebel against this immoral decision of their denominational leaders?  Time will tell.  In the meanwhile, we would encourage them to renounce their membership in this liberal and unbelieving denomination.  There are more conservative Presbyterian denominations, such as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, that would not endorse such an immoral position.  Sadly, this and other conservative confessional Presbyterian Churches continue in their doctrinal errors and heresy even though they would reject homosexuality.

Trust in the Lord and believe in His unerring Word.  This is the only way.

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