Pornography: The Amazing Spread of a Deadly Disease and What to Do about It!


Pornography: The Amazing Spread of a Deadly Disease and What to Do about It!

Richard Hollerman

We’ve all heard of the contemporary widespread use of pornography in its various forms. Let’s give a context to what we find today.

Even two thousand years ago, there is some evidence that pornographic images were drawn or painted on walls. By the nineteenth century, with the use of the printing press, pornography became a much more viable form of evil. Then, with the introduction of movies in the twentieth century, some forms of pornography were seen in “places of ill repute” in the larger cities. By the middle of the twentieth century, visual images became widespread in magazines and film.

During the latter decades of the twentieth century, pornography accelerated as movies allowed access without leaving the house and going to “smut shops” in the larger cities. However, it was the computer that allowed evil and lustful men to expand pornography’s reach into almost everyone’s house. Based partly on the lust for money as well as the lust for the flesh, pornography flourished. We believe that much more than literature (that had to be purchased in a more public way), the computer has allowed millions upon millions to corrupt their mind with lustful scenes and lustful words and so pervert men’s (and women’s) heart!


Notice the word of the Lord: “Those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit” (Romans 8:5). Paul continues, “For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace” (v. 6). Significantly, the apostle then says, “Those who are in the flesh cannot please God” (v.8). Some may wonder how crucial it is that one avoids pornography and its evil influences. Scripture tells us: “If you are living according to the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live” (v. 13). If one allows the flesh to grow and dominate or even express itself, one will spiritually die!

Most people are aware of the following verse and its dire warning by the Lord Jesus: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery’; but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:27-28). Wouldn’t you say that this is quite plain and unambiguous? The principle applies to women too: if a woman looks on a man with lustful thoughts, she herself also commits adultery. We might also add that although this seems to refer to a married person who looks with lust on another married person, thus committing adultery, the principle goes much further. The principle would be equally true regarding unmarried people: to look with lust on another person, even an unmarried person (or if you happen to be unmarried yourself), you also commit sexual immorality—in your mind and heart! Further, the homosexual can also commit mental adultery or fornication with a member of his or her own gender!


The AFAJournal (May 2017, page 4) just ran a story entitled, “Pornography a Public Health Crisis.” We read the following:

Four states are taking the lead in defining pornography as a dangerous epidemic with many negative consequences for both personal and society health. On January 31, 2017, South Dakota unanimously passed a resolution that declared porn a public health crisis, which is “linked to a lessening desire in young persons to marry.”

Virginia passed a similar resolution in its House of Delegates in February describing the harmful impact of pornography and calling for education about its negative repercussions. In Tennessee, a third resolution labeling porn a “public health hazard” passed the Senate on March 6 and moved to the state’s House of Representatives.

Utah made headlines early last year when its legislatures passed the first verdict naming porn a public crisis.

Dawn Hawkins of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation stated, ‘The research is clear: Pornography significantly linked to decreased brain matter in regions of motivation and decision making, and to increasing cases of sexual dysfunction.” (, 2/17/17;, 2/17/17).

Along with the above article, we find an addition with this heading: “A small sample of mind-blowing pornography use statistics.” We may think that this is a somewhat small matter, but we need to realize that we aren’t living in 1920, 1940, or 1950. This is 2017 and there is a whole new problem we must face! The article says: Percentages of people who say they view porn at least several times a week:


18-30-year-olds, 63%

31-49-year-olds, 38%

50-68-year-olds, 25%


18-30-year-olds, 21%

31-49-year-olds, 5%

50-68-year-olds, 0%

The next column says: “By 2017, a quarter of a billion people are expected to be accessing adult [lustful] content from their mobile devices, an increase of more than 30% from 2013. Mobile adult video chat alone will have a compound annual growth rate of 25%.” The final column says, “Percentages of self-identified Christians who say they watch porn at least once a month: Men: 64%. Women: 15%.”

There are various points we can make on the content of this article:

  1. We don’t know if these statistics are accurate or not; however, apparently vast numbers of people, especially men, do access and view pornography on a regular Sadly, even some young women do the same!
  1. The widespread use of the personal computer allows for the owner or user to see almost any kind of perversion on a regular basis! Further, some 250 million people view pornography in the world with the use of mobile devices!
  1. Even professing “Christians” are captivated by pornography!

If you are like me, you find this article and statistics deeply depressing and wonder what can be done. In one respect, nothing can be done other than bring people to Christ and to a holy walk. Most people, of course, refuse to come to Jesus and His salvation, thus probably pornography use will continue and grow.

We’ve known two men who were professing “Christians” who became addicted to pornography and came to see the seriousness of their condition. It was a matter of death and life, of heaven or hell (see Romans 8:5-13)! Therefore, they wisely and resolutely renounced their computers and chose to do without the convenience of even the good elements of this medium. This is what needs to be done if a person discovers that he can’t control his eyes or mind. “If your right eye makes you stumble, tear it out and throw it from you; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to be thrown into hell” (Matthew 5:29; cf. v. 30).

Men, think of what you are doing. You are forming your mind by what you see and hear. You are forming your concept of the opposite gender by what you put into your mind and heart. You are forming your life by this means! Would you want your wife to unclothe herself before others? Would you want your daughter to do this? Would you want your son-in-law or future son-in-law to have their mind formed by watching dozens or hundreds of women in lustful or in an unclothed manner? You know the answer!

One more thing to ponder: God wants us to love our wife–or the woman who will be our wife. “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25). Can we really say that we love our wife if we take delight in another woman? The reverse is also true: Wife, do you really love your husband or the man who will be your husband, if you are viewing other men? Remember that love for others is second only to our love for God, according to Jesus (Mark 12:28-31).


We know that much, much good can come from the computer. We can access health articles, articles on diseases, geography information, science information, nature videos and information, government information, and so much more. Right now, you are viewing this article online through How then can you access good information while renouncing the bad information? (I might add here that we are told that pornography is by far the largest content viewed online!)

Besides throwing away your computer (which we believe many people should do), one could decide to only view online material in the presence of your spouse or a trusted brother or sister in Christ. I know of one small religious group that requires two other men to be present when someone must access online material. One thing further you can do. You will find under the Links section on this website a listing of various internet providers that closely monitor and filter the content of what you see. We have used what has been called the largest and finest internet filter online. It has worked well and I commend it. Remember, it can be disastrous to see something on line that might well pervert your mind for weeks, months, or years to come! It will pull you down spiritually and morally!


Further, it will hurt your relationship with others! If you are a husband, imagine explaining your moral addiction (slavery) to your wife! Imagine telling her that you find sexual pleasure viewing the unclothed bodies of other women—besides her! Imagine telling your coming spouse your engaged girlfriend) that you have spent years viewing the naked bodies of other women. (The same would be true of women in regard to their engaged man or their husband!) Imagine telling your spouse that presently you have been secretly viewing pornography and done so because you would rather find sexual satisfaction with these pornographic images rather (or in addition to) her! Shockingly, a surprising number of preachers, pastors, and priests view pornography online! This trusted religious (professing “Christian”) leader has been secretly viewing that which he teaches against! So devastating!

If you have children (whether 5, 10, 15, or 20 years of age), it is especially important for you to solve the problem of pornography. Perhaps keep access to the internet away from the younger ones for some years. As they mature and reach the teen years, perhaps allow them to use the internet only in the presence of their parents. Use the filtering service that I mention above. Or, under some conditions, just don’t use the internet at all! It is better to lead to their salvation than to allow them unrestricted use of such a potential for evil!

The matter of salvation is also important. If one is truly saved and has the Spirit of God, he does have a powerful force to walk in holiness and avoid unholiness. We know that we can only be saved and see God if we walk in this holiness or sanctification (Hebrews 12:14; Matthew 5:8). The Holy Spirit will help you and your children to live a holy life and renounce the wickedness of society, including the pornographic plague (cf. Romans 8:5-13; Galatians 5:16-26).

Friends, brothers and sisters, take these words seriously. We are dealing with a way that Satan and the flesh have made terrible inroads into the contemporary world and into our own lives. Let’s be cautious, let’s be wise, let’s be discerning, and let’s strive for absolute holiness, with the help of God and the mediation of Jesus Christ!

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