Pages of Death


Pages of Death


I turn again to the pages of death,

The newspaper tells it all:

The date of birth, the record of life–

A lifespan so ephemeral.


I read of where the person worked,

I learn of his passion and drive. . .

I see his travels, hobbies, and friends–

All accomplished when he was alive.


I learn of the family that this man had

And the loved ones who now abide;

I see why he lived this span on earth,

This life that is detailed in pride.


What really transpired those fleeting years

That now have finally flown?

What filled those brief moments of time

That God alone had foreknown?


Did it really matter what he owned,

The vain awards he often won?

Was it really worth his life on earth

For the race that he has run?


Will it matter that he excelled in sports

Or climbed Mount Everest height?

Will it matter that he gained amounts of wealth

If his soul had no eternal foresight?


Was it really important where he worked,

The job in which he took such pride?

Were his values worthy, pure, and true–

God’s virtues that would forever abide?


What did this man accomplish here

That would outlive earthly lifespan?

Was he really loving, kind, and true,

And did he follow God’s plan?


Did he pour out his life in sacrifice,

While giving himself away?

Did he live for eternity–or for time–

And did he the Lord obey?


Did he have integrity and faithfulness,

And renounce the pleasures dear?

Did he have true compassion and faith,

And serve with mercy and tear?


Isn’t it true that we pass our days

Oblivious to eternity!

We blindly go from day to day

Consumed with triviality!


Most of us travel our earthly journey

Without a purpose and plan,

And come to the end of our temporal life

No better than when we began.


How sad and tragic to realize

That we squander our life and our time,

While madly pursuing what passes away,

Leaving nothing to our only lifetime.


Now is the only time that we own,

The present is given to use,

For the day will come to all of us

And there will be no time to excuse.


A life without God is a wasted life,

And only He can forgive;

Only He can take our futility

And eternal life freely give!


The death and rising of Jesus Christ

Is the only way to escape this strife;

The living Savior and Lord will give

The free gift of eternal life.


So when you open the pages of death

In your own newspaper each day,

Remember that you are preparing your page

By what you now do and say!


Remember that you now have the choice

To make your life worthwhile and true.

Surrender your heart and trust in the Lord

For He lovingly is waiting for you!


Richard Hollerman

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