Opposition to Intelligent Design?



to Intelligent Design?

Bud Kennedy’s article, “Will Intelligent Design Apply to State Panel?,” could hardly be more biased and wrong.  Kennedy rails against Governor Rick Perry’s desire that “Intelligent Design” be taught in the classroom.  He speaks against Don McLeroy, in charge of the State Board of Education, who thinks that science should be presented in a neutral way instead of dominated by false evolution theories.  Kennedy goes on to complain that Gail Lowe of the State Board of Education wants the “strengths and weaknesses” of evolution to be taught in Texas public schools.  The point is that Kennedy wants the false theory of Godless evolution and only evolution to be presented to our children.

Why does Kennedy oppose these officials and anyone else who objects to the domination of evolution in the state schools?  He warns Republicans that they should not make the issue of evolution part of being a Republican, for this will assure their demise in politics.  But the major emphasis appears to be Kennedy’s close-minded opposition to the truth that evolution simply could not have been the cause of life.  He refuses to allow the children and youth of Texas to be shown the impossibility that all that exists in the universe today has come about through natural means.  He wants atheism and evolution to be the only views presented to our children!

If atheism refuses to acknowledge God, it must have some theory to account for the universe, and this shows the need to present only evolution as the cause of all that exists.  If evolution were true, this would effectively “prove” that the Bible is wrong and therefore not given by God.  And this would effectively destroy the Christian faith.  Let’s acknowledge that this really is the bottom line of this controversy.

This is not an issue of science.  Kennedy says that “there is one and only one scientific theory of evolution.”  On the other hand, true science conforms to reality, and there are manifold scientific reasons for accepting creation and rejecting evolution!  While Kennedy may state that about 80% of science professors want only evolution to be taught in state schools and only 20% would like to see the weaknesses of evolution to be revealed and the possibility of design in the natural world, the truth is that there are many reputable scientists who conclude that evolution is a sheer impossibility.  There is not even a 1% possibility that it could have occurred—from a scientific standpoint!

There is massive evidence for the existence of God.  There is abundant evidence that He created all things and that life comes from His special act of creation—not from impersonal evolutionary processes.  There is evidence that life comes from life—as the creationist asserts; and there is no evidence that life comes from non-life (from mere chemicals)—as the evolutionist claims.  Those who believe in “intelligent design” would clearly show that something beyond the natural must account for the complexity and marvel of the created order. 

But the Christian would go beyond “intelligent design” and say that the Intelligent Designer must be the true and living God.  He is wise, powerful, and wonderful Creator who made all things in the beginning and continues to sustain it by His purposeful design.

Richard Hollerman

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