The One Omission! (Letter to the Editor)

The One Omission

The One Omission!

How many readers noticed the grave omission in “Texas GOP ignores young voters with LGBTQ snub”?

Ramsey says Republicans are being left behind by those having different societal views: Texas Republicans are older, white, and conservative. Democrats are younger, Hispanic, and liberal. It’s a matter of time until Republicans lose and Democrats win. Ramsey said that Republicans won’t allow immoral people (such as LGBTQ people, the Log Cabin Republicans) to have a convention booth.

Does anyone notice the great omission here? Nature teaches that a man is only to be married to a woman. Two men and two women do not belong together. Although God, in the Bible, is quite clear that homosexuality is wrong and sinful (Romans 1:24-28; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10), we need not cite a single Bible verse saying that this sexual relationship is unnatural. It’s a perversion of the way God has created us.

Although I am not Republican or Democrat, I respect the way God has made us that would disallow all sexual perversion. If a booth were set up at the Convention promoting child pornography, pedophilia, polygamy, or rape, even Democrats would openly oppose! Let them also oppose the sexual perversion of the LGBTQ position!

Richard Hollerman


200 words

You might be interested in this new Letter that I just sent to the editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. This newspaper is quite liberal and promotes immoral and wicked causes. Just today it carried a long article promoting sodomy and all related sexually immoral positions (as advocated by the local sodomite immoral organization, “LGBTQ”). The following letter is my response to this evil newspaper article. Sadly, I had to omit about 100 words that I thought were needed, thus it is somewhat “bare bones” in its approach. It doesn’t really have the important points I wanted to make. But perhaps God will use it for His own purposes.


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