“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31).  One who is obese can hardly be said to be obeying the exhortation of Paul to “present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God” (Rom. 12:1).  A fat person is frequently lazy and laziness contributes to overeating.  A fatty often eats himself into bodily misery and a diseased condition.

According to cold insurance statistics, a fat person will not live as long as a person with normal weight.  These statistics tell us that for each pound of overweight after the age of 35 our life, expectancy is decreased by one percent.  To illustrate, if you are 35 years of age and have a normal weight of 134 pounds, you have a normal life expectancy of 28 years.  If you allow your weight to increase to 164 pounds, that is, 30 pounds more than your normal weight, your life expectancy is reduced to approximately 20 years. Truly it is poor business to want to remain overweight.

Overweight people often are not willing to face the facts honestly as to why they are in their obese condition.  Their alibis for their condition would be ludicrous if they were not so serious.  Obesity is commonly attributed to glands, heredity, or confining work.  If you are obese, it is not likely that any of these things are responsible for such condition.  There is no truth whatever in the statement that heredity causes fatness.  As to exercise being an antidote for obesity, this is a chimera.  It is estimated that a man weighing 100 pounds would have to play handball furiously for about 6 hours just to burn up one pound of fat.

And if your glands are responsible for your fatness, likely your glands have become defective because through the years you have fed your body with too much devitalized food.  Doctors tell us that 95 to 98 percent of the cases of obesity are caused by overeating.  The plain, simple fact is that if you are overweight it is because in your eating you are a pig.  Yes, that is it–nothing but gluttonous, sinful eating.

Whenever a person wakes up to the fact that waxy, pale, humpty-dumpty, pin-cushion, foul breath, triple chin, heavy breathing conditions is due to overeating, the question arises as to what action should he take.  The answer, of course, is to observe a proper diet and in order to know what a proper diet is, one must study. It is not necessary that one personally consult a doctor to obtain facts as to a proper diet although this is recommended if one does not have the time or inclination to make a study of food.

Space . . . will not permit a whole diet regimen to be outlined.  We will from time to time suggest foods which should be eaten regularly in order to maintain robust health.  There are many excellent books which give the basic principles of right eating, and with these in mind, added to common sense and determination, it is no difficult trick for an overweight person to eat so that in a relatively short time his body will be normal in weight, his skin fresh and radiant, and his body vibrant and with more energy that he ever thought possible.  This surely is to be ardently desired by a Christian in order that he may in all ways serve God more acceptably. . . .

And now to leave our fat friends for the present with the view of pursuing our iconoclastic attitude toward those items commonly found on the American dinner table which masquerade as food.  It has been said that bread is the “staff of life.” This can no longer be said in the United States for with the use of white bred the staff has been broken.

Have you ever wondered why white bread is white?  It is because from the ground grain of wheat three-fourths of the mineral salts and colloids, including the salts of calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, chlorine, fluorine, surplus, magnesium, manganese, etc., are removed.  These mineral substances are contained in the brown outer skin, the cells underneath this skin and the germ of the wheat berry.  They are sifted and bolted out of the ground meal, leaving behind the white starchy cells and the refined gluten of the interior part of the berry.  In addition, in the whitening of the flour the vitamins are removed.  To this devitalized flour, which should not be referred to as food, only a few of the 16 or more known B vitamins are added and the substance is ironically labeled “enriched.”  The people of America ought to rise up in wrath and compel every loaf of white bread to be prominently labeled “devitalized.”

Chickens, guinea pigs, white mice, or monkeys fed on bread made from the unrefined wheat thrive indefinitely, but when fed on white bread perish in from 5 to 7 weeks.  Yet white bread is on the table of nearly all of the homes in the United States each meal of the day in one form or another.  It is lamentable that many mothers of our fair land are ignorant as to the proper foods which should be placed before their families, and that those who do know better are so stupid and unconcerned as to allow white bread on their tables.

Why so foolishly argue that by eating a wide variety of foods in addition to the white bread that the body will receive those vitamins and minerals which have been taken from the wheat berry to make the white bread.  The stomach will only hold so much and we ought to want every bite of food we place in our mouth to contain all of the nutriment possible.  For the better health of your family why not resolve now never to place white bread again on your dinner table–a substance which all nutritionists I know of agree is practically worthless as a food.  BH


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