Not One Jote or One Tittle


“Not One Jote or One Title…”

A Plea for “Original KJV” Spelling!

By Sir John Bookman

(A devout “KJV-Only Bible Believer”)

(King James 1)

[Note: You may find the following article to be of interest.  Please, please don’t overlook the fact that this is satire—it is not a genuine writing of a KJV-Only proponent.  But accept it for what it is worth.  RH]


Just days ago, I realized we have not gone far enough in insisting that the Bible be preserved unchanged “in the form God intended for us to have.” Of course, I speak of the infallible, inerrant, verbally-inspired and unalterably preserved English Bible, the Authorized Version (AV 1611), “the only Bible God uses — and Satan hates!”

          Sure, there are lots of zealous defenders who have shielded the KJV from the corruptions of such heinous “translations” as the NIV, the NASB, and that most sinister NKJV, and have kept us from returning to the now completely unnecessary, “original” Hebrew and Greek. But while they kept their watch on one front, the Enemy has come in unawares by another route and sown seeds of corruption that have, I fear, already yielded a corrupt harvest.

          What am I getting at? Simply this — we have insisted on the verbal inspiration of the English, that is, that the very English words were divinely chosen and given to the Learned Men [KJV Translators]. But simply insisting on the perfecting of the English words and preserving the words is not enough. A careful consideration of the true intent and meaning of the words of Matthew 5:18 is necessary —

“Till  heuven  and  earth  passe,  one  iote  or  one  title,  shall  in  no  wise  passe  from  the  law,  till  all  be  fulfilled.”  [I  have  made  no  mistake  in  my  spelling,  as  I  shall  shortly  explain.]

          Notice how Jesus insisted on the verbal inspiration, not just of the words, but also of the very letters of the words of Scripture. And since this verse is a specific promise of the preservation of Scripture in our infallible English Bible, we must insist on following, not just the original KJV words but also their very spelling. What other meaning can we draw out of the words “one iote or one title?” Every letter — the very spelling — is certainly inspired, and to alter the spelling of a single word, to alter even a single letter in a single word, is to deny and reject the inspiration of the AV 1611. If God had wanted us to spell the words in the AV 1611 differently in today’s revised KJV, He would have given them to us in that form originally!

          Modern spelling is as hideous and hateful a thing as modern translations. It’s New Age corruption, pure and simple. No one was ever authorized to corrupt, to “modernize” the infallible original spelling. There are eight spelling corruptions in John 3:16 alone!!

          I’m sure some “liberal” apostate will say, “What difference does spelling make?” Argue it out with Jesus brother! Didn’t He say that inspiration of the words included the very spelling, every iote, not just the words? Will you reject the teaching of Matthew 5:18 of letter/spelling inspiration of our preserved AV 1611? To stop at “word inspiration” and not insist on spelling inspiration is to be second cousin to mere “thought inspiration.” It is creeping apostasy, through and through. Next someone will deny the inspiration of the chapterandverse numberings in the AV 1611. Where will it stop?

          And I think we must recognize that Jesus’ infallible English word was “title” and not the nowcorrupted “tittle.” A tittle is part of the ornamentation of a Hebrew letter [at least that’s what I’ve heard at Fellowship meetings, so I have assurance that it’s right]. But a “title” is something else. I have complete confidence that this promise of Jesus was a specific reference to the preservation of the chapter and page headings, the titles found in the original AV 1611. Sadly, those infallible titles, attached by the Learned Men under divine inspiration at the top of each page and at the beginning of each chapter have been removed from our modern editions. Without them, we cannot claim that we have a perfectly preserved Bible, and by allowing them to be removed, we have called God a liar, and denied that He is able to preserve the inspired English Bible He has given us.

          It is not secret that none of the commonly used English Bibles published in our day have the original AV 1611 spelling, or punctuation (that, too, is part of our directly inspired, infallible English Bible) or titles of which Jesus spoke, so in reality, these Bibles, even though they say “King James Version” or “Authorized Version” are really not Bibles at all. Only the recent Thomas Nelson Publishers reprint of the original 1611 AV is a real Bible; all the other KJV’s are sinister corruptions.

          And there is growing upon me the deep conviction, as deep as anything I’ve written in this article, that no Englishspeaking person can be saved if he was not saved by an original, unaltered AV 1611, with original spelling, original punctuation, and original chapter and page titles. This simply means that anyone who thought he was “saved” by reading a Revised “KJV” [Oxford, Cambridge, old Scofield, etc.], or by hearing a sermon from such a “Bible,” or by reading a Gospel tract that quoted the words in a revised spelling form, even if it was labelled “KJV,” is not really saved, has never been saved, and never will be saved until he gets a true, fullypreserved AV 1611.

          That means that virtually all those who thought they were saved — preachers, deacons and all — will have to go back and get truly saved through a real AV 1611, then get rebaptized. Verbal inspiration of the English requires inspiration of the very spelling as well. Anything less is rank modernism.

         I will confess to one further worry — original type-style. The real AV 1611 was printed in what printers call “black letter,” a very ornate typestyle much like Gothic script, which is still used many times for the banner at the top of newspapers. This original typestyle was subtly replaced with Roman type sometime in the 18th century. Note that name — Roman. I fear that once again, the Jesuits have conspired to corrupt the pure word in English. They have taken away the original Gothic [and as everyone knows, the Gothic Bible used the Textus Receptus for its foundation which proves with certainty that the Gothic was the correct script for a real Bible], and have substituted the corrupt Roman script.

          In a real sense, even the KJV has thus become a “Roman” Bible, since its modern editions use Roman script and not the original black letter. As further proof that Roman type is a corruption, notice that all these apostate Bibles — the ERV, ASV, NASB, NIV, NKJV, and the rest, have always been printed in Roman type. That’s proof enough to me that any Bible in Roman type is no “Bible” at all, and that only a Bible with the original script, the black letter given to us in the form we should have it by the Learned Men, is a true Bible.

          Perhaps even those “saved” by the true original spelling KJV are not saved at all, and must locate a blackletter edition. The Roman script Thomas Nelson reprint may not be enough [it’s just like those Bible corrupters at Thomas Nelson to pass off a “Roman script KJV” as though it were a real Bible!].

          Fortunately for me, my brother has a facsimile in the original black-letter of the AV 1611, and I’m secure since I’ve studied out of it several times.

          It is a desperate situation! The shortage of black-letter, original-spelling AV 1611 Bibles is severe! There is truly a famine of the truly preserved word of God in the land. And all our efforts at preaching, teaching, Bible study, and soul winning are completely futile until we return to the real, unaltered, perfectly preserved bonafied AV 1611! Perhaps the best thing to do for the present is to send off and buy one of those pages from an original KJV, and if you can get a page that has a salvation verse, or part of the “Romans road,” perhaps there will be enough of the Gospel in the true preserved English to rescue your soul.

          As a service to you readers, so that you can be saved through a real AV 1611, I quote John 3:16 below — unfortunately, I have no capacity to reproduce the original blackletter script, so even believing the unrevised spelling may not be enough, but we can hope for the best —

“For  God  so  loued  ye  world,  that  he  gaue  his  only  begotten  Sonne:  that  whosoeur  beleeueth  in  him,  should  not  perish,  but  haue  euerlasting  life.”


written by  Doug Kutilek  former coeditor of Baptist Biblical Heritage published in THE  PILGRIM  Magazine

(Issue #19, Vol 6, No. 1, Summer 1995)


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