Muslims Denounce American Vices

Muslims Denounce American Vices

Richard Hollerman

Many have traced the history of the United States back to its origins, claiming that it was founded on Christian principles and promoted Christian standards.  Although there is fallacy in this view and there were not the thoroughly Christian convictions and beliefs that we would like to assume, it is true that there were certain principles during the colonial period that could be traced to the Scriptures.

This Christian influence has become more and more absent.  Over time, Protestants became less interested in their heritage. Any semblance of Christianity became diluted with materialism and false ways. The strictness of the Puritans degenerated to Unitarianism in New England and a general laxness came to prevail. Deism became fashionable. Catholics also began to enter America in increasing numbers in the mid-nineteenth century.  The same century brought evolutionary thought and atheism increased to the point that today there are millions who claim they don’t believe in God.  Asians with their Buddhism and Hinduism came, although without great numbers.  In recent decades, several million Muslims have come to America’s shores.  Jews have been in the America from nearly the beginning so that there are several million of both secular and religious Jews residing in the country.  All of this means that America can hardly be said to be a “Christian” nation anymore.

Islamic nations of the world look upon America as the “Great Satan” because of the degeneration they find in this country. They not only see people who are not loyal to their Allah, but they also see evolution, abortion, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, and secularism creating a vast wasteland of evil and perversion.  Of course, they would say that since Allah is not revered in the nation, the country is under God’s judgment and should be converted to a belief in Islam and a devotion to Muhammad.

The local newspaper stated recently that a court in Egypt denounced various internet sites as “venomous and vile” because of online pornography.  The Salafis, the ultraconservative Muslims, have promoted “Pure Net,” a campaign to keep Egyptian citizens from viewing pornographic websites. Egypt’s top prosecutor has ordered the government to begin banning such sites in the country. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Nov. 8, 2012).

We also notice an article entitled, “Egypt bans online porn, causing split in society.”  This describes the background of the decision: “In 2009, under the Hosni Mubarak government, a Cairo court ruled that “freedom of expression and public rights should be restricted by maintaining the fundamentals of religion, morality and patriotism,” condemning graphic websites and ruling to ban them.”[i][i]

The article continues:

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan described the decision as “a first step towards establishing a society based on ethics,” in a statement to Al-Ahram’s Arabic-language news site.

The Salafist Nour Party also welcomed the decision, adding that the ban would not impact personal and public freedoms. “Egyptian society is conservative by nature and rejects these websites,” Mohamed Nour, the party’s spokesman, asserted.

One politician called the move “a first step towards applying Islamic Law in Egypt,” MP Ali Wanis was quoted by news website ahramonline as saying.[ii][ii]

Isn’t it a shame that these unbelievers (unbelievers in Christ, the Son of God and our Savior) want a society based on “ethics” and morality while America wholeheartedly embraces this immorality?  Isn’t it a shame that they would want to ban sites that would promote unlawful sexuality and immodesty while America has opened the door to all kinds of objectionable media?

Followers of Christ know that Islam is a false way, but we also acknowledge that Muslims in other lands cannot understand how America can be a professing “Christian” nation while allowing the vast amount of filth and perversion in the country.  We may say that this is unfair, but it is also understandable.  A country that may have begun with some professing “Christians” and continued with a sizeable majority of people claiming some form of Christendom has become a den of iniquity.  Muslims rightfully can’t understand the discrepancy. Thus, they are willing to condemn the “Christian” nation of the United States because of the vast array of sinful and fleshly pleasures they see.  TV and movies around the world display the profligacy and perversion of drunkenness, sodomy, child-murder, premarital fornication, licentious conduct, and pornography. Thus, Islamic countries are aware of the sin and they are willing to call America the “Great Satan” because of it.

Isn’t it a disgrace that the United States has such a reputation in dozens of Islamic countries of the world?  Isn’t it a shame that “Christendom” has been blamed for such debauchery?  Even many countries of Africa—Both Muslim and non-Muslim—are aware that sodomy is a perversion and crime that deserves the severest of punishments. What do they think when they are aware of the openness that America welcomes the perversion and sin of homosexuality? Are they impressed with this acceptance and endorsement—including the acceptance by the President, the Vice-President, many in the congress, and a growing number of states?  What do they think of the “Christianity” they see in America that would endorse such debased lifestyle and corrupt sexuality?  Whether we speak of Muslim lands, African nations, or other places, they mistakenly blame Christianity for the acceptance and promotion of debased lifestyles.

True followers of Christ in America can’t change society since it would take a heart transformation.  But we can live holy lives ourselves and conduct ourselves in an exemplary way before our fellow-citizens and before people from other countries.  Let others know that there are a few people who honor God with their bodies, their families, and their entire lives.  Let them know that we denounce American debauchery as much as they do but with a different emphasis. We don’t condemn such sin because Muhammad commands us to—but we denounce it because we serve a Holy God and believe in a Holy Savior who teaches us in His Holy Word that we are to live pure, devoted, and transformed lives by the power of the Holy Spirit!  This is the way to make an impact on open people who would want to know a Better Way, the very way of the Lord.




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