Mottoes and Quotations

Mottoes and Quotations

When I was young and visited my grandparents’ house, I was impressed with the motto that hung on their wall. It was simple but left a lasting impression: 

Christ is the Head of this house
The Unseen Guest at every meal
The Silent Listener to every conversation.

Over the years the truth of these three lines has helped to form my thinking. Another one has had a profound influence on me: 

Only one life,
’till soon be past.
Only what’s done
For Christ will last.

This truth made such an impact that for many years now I have stamped all outgoing mail with these four lines.

If God is the center of our life, if Christ Jesus is our very reason for living, if we want to live for the things above moment by moment (Colossians 3:1-4; Philippians 1:21), then consider placing concise, profound, and powerful statements and poems on your own wall.

Rid your walls of the worldly decorations, worldly modern art, worldly awards, as well as other worldly and ostentatious displays so commonly found in professing Christian homes. Begin to make every aspect of your life focus on the Lord, His Word, and things of the Spirit!

In this section of the True Discipleship website, we want to make various mottoes and quotations available to you. You may simply want to read some of them. You may want to print them, perhaps on colored paper, for your own wall.

You may want to print them with a background of a beautiful blue and white cloud scene (available in your office supply store). You may even want to retype them, suitable for your own needs. May the Lord bless us in exalting Him and His ways for our own spiritual growth and for light-bearing to others!

Surely all of us benefit from the insights, observations, and wisdom of others. Sometimes people use the quotations of the world to inspire material success.  Let us use wise and holy sayings on our walls to focus our attention on the Lord and His Word.


Probably you will not be able to simply print the pages in this section directly.  It may be best to simply “copy” and “paste” the contents to your own word processing program.  Then you can center the words and print them as you wish.



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