Money or Morality?

Money or Morality?

Money or Morality?    

The Star-Telegram continues to run regular articles insisting that we should be more concerned about money and the loss of money and less concerned about morality.

For instance, liberal writer Bud Kennedy says that the “bathroom bill” is a time waster (January 6). An editorial on the same date rails against the “transgender restroom bill.” Third, a long prejudicial editorial entitled “Anti-LGBT bills must be defeated” (January 1) says that this bill that is intended to promote decency and morality “must be defeated.”

These articles and many others emphasize that Texas must not be like North Carolina since they lost so much money because of their morality stand. They insist that we should be more concerned about loss of money and not be concerned about promoting and defending a moral stance in this state!

Think for a moment: Is it better to bring money into the discussion and renounce the promotion of sexual morality in this state? Should Dan Patrick be denounced for his efforts to make this state safe for women? Should we be defending and even promoting sexual immorality that until recently everyone would have denounced as immoral and perversion?

Please think rationally and morally!  God does!

Richard Hollerman

Carried in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on January 13, 2017


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