Medical Spending and the Issue of Health


Medical Spending and the Issue of Health

Medical Spending and the Issue of Health

Probably most people will admit that generally the public are not greatly concerned about their physical health. Although they may occasionally see a doctor (and the hypochondriac may see one regularly!) and may even take vitamins, many other aspects of health interest are not that much of a priority.

Recently I noticed an article entitled, “Medical Spending Rises Sharply Again” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram). Here we read, “Public and private spending for U. S. health care increased to $3.2 trillion in 2015 or nearly $10,000 per person, according to a government report released Friday.” It stated, “Credit the Affordable Care Act for the faster health care spending growth the last two years.” The article went on to say, “Nearly 92 percent of the U. S. population had some form of health insurance coverage in 2015 compared to 86 percent in 2013, mainly because of the Affordable Care Act.”

Obviously, if the government helps pay for the insurance of people who formerly had no insurance, the cost will rise dramatically. Since the uninsured people are now insured, paid by the government (or largely by the government), the costs would tend to rise. Previously, the insurance companies would not insure certain people because of inevitable costs (e.g., cancer patients and many others), but now they must accept these patients and the government (that is, you and me, through taxes) will pay the bill!

We would like to make only two points in regard to this shocking news. First, the stated cost per person is $10,000 a year! This is an amazingly high cost! Suppose a man earns $8.00 an hour and works a full year (at 2,000 hours a year), this would be an income of $16,000, minus social security and taxes. How could such a man pay $10,000 a year? The answer: the Federal Government does. And that is only one person. What about a wife and three or four children?

Second, are you troubled by the fact that so many people are responsible for their own poor health? Think of some or even most (but not all) people with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure who have high medical bills because they have allowed themselves to develop many debilitating and degenerative diseases! We don’t refer to diseases that have no known cause, but the ones that are contracted because of the poor health choices of the majority of people!

Along with this, think what would happen if the American people would begin to guard their health, beginning at age 10 or earlier. In other words, what if people age 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, and older were to begin to regularly practice aerobic exercises, daily eat fruit and vegetables and whole grains, major on greens, and consume sufficient pure water! What if the American public were to refrain from eating cookies, cake, candy, high fat meats, cheese, white bread, white rice, donuts and other pastry, fried foods, and much more! What if they watched their intake of sodium, high fat foods, protein, and other problematic elements! There would be no surprise if the disease and illness rate were to drop greatly and the life expectancy were to rise greatly!

Does this concern you? If you pay for insurance or if you help pay for the insurance of other people through your taxes, this problem should definitely concern you! Your own medical spending reflects your own poor health to some extent, and your poor health has resulted from poor health practices. Further, since we live in a nation that is, at least partially, socialistic, we can see that the poor choices of others (your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow-citizens) affects the nation as a whole! This can’t be solved in a year or two, but it has developed after years of neglect and poor decisions on the part of each person.

We wouldn’t want to place blame on anyone who is not responsible for their poor health, illness, disease, or deteriorating health. Some people have inherited “bad” genes, others have contracted disease through contagious transmission, some have been bitten by an infected mosquito or tick, and so forth. But let’s not forget that most problems are—to some extent—preventable. Think of the conditions brought on through sin of various kinds—AIDS from homosexuality, STDs from sexual immorality, lung cancer from tobacco use, cirrhosis of the liver through drunkenness, car wrecks through excessive speed, heart disease through eating wrongly and too much of it, some cancers through obesity, and the list goes on and on.

What should you and I do? Let’s repent of any sin that we have personally committed that has brought on poor health. Let’s repent of decisions we have made over the years that have brought us to where we are today. Let’s repent of sinful and fleshly choices on foods, drinks, sedentary lifestyles, the practice of worry, and much more. Whatever we have done to encourage poor health, let’s repent. And then let’s begin to make right decisions.  This website can offer some sound advice for you to read and consider and then adopt into your own life. Go to the “Links” section and find numerous websites devoted to good health and nutrition.

Let’s be shocked by the news that spending on U. S. Health care is now $10,000 per person! And let’s do something about it while we still have time. God will forgive and help us to find our way!

Richard Hollerman

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