Masculine Words that have Transformed

Masculine Words that have Transformed

Masculine Words that have Transformed

Richard Hollerman

Most of us remember when dozens and dozens of words ended in “man.” And why was this the case? One of the reasons was that it was the male who generally filled certain positions in the family, in society, and in anything public.  For instance, they were the ones who did a particular job, thus it was logical that the words referring to their work would indicate the male gender.

It was common for persons to read Genesis 2:18, for instance, and read, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” The proper term is “man” here and in most of our Biblical translations we continue to have “man” in this place. But more and more, translations are becoming what some have called “gender neutral.”  Sometimes, even “God” is not referred to as a “He,” as in “He is the creator of the world.” Many people don’t even like the way God has revealed Himself as “Father,” and they insist in calling God by a different term!

In our everyday language, society has silently but effectively changed terms to include women. This is called “gender neutral.” The list of these terms would be many pages long. Let’s notice a few:

  • “Policeman” has been changed to “police officer.” Why? We can only surmise that it is because thousands of women now occupy a position that once was reserved only for the man!
  • “Fireman” has become “fire fighter.” Again, we suspect that this is because even women insist on entering a position that allows them to fight fires—surely a work that only men once did!
  • “Mailman” has become “mail carrier” or “letter carrier” for the same reason as above.
  • “Man” itself often becomes “person” or “individual” so that someone does not need to use the dreaded word, “Man”!
  • “Freshman” in college has been changed to “first-year student” since so many women have entered these educational institutions. In fact, today more women graduate from college than men!
  • “Chairman” has become “chair” or “chairperson” for women now may occupy the position that once was reserved only for men.
  • “Congressman” has been transformed to “legislator” since women may now enter the realm of politics!

These are some of the examples of words that have changed or been eliminated since women are now permitted to enter certain previously-forbidden occupations. A whole new vocabulary has been built to accommodate the feminist agenda to transform the language to keep it in line with the new “freedom” or “liberation” that feminists think that they have achieved.

Here are other terms that use “man” and they either have been deliberately changed to become inclusive or they will probably be changed in the near future:



Newspaper man

Assembly man




Newspaper man



















The Christian—who is devoted to the inspiration of Scripture and who honors the male-female distinction that God has provided—must be very careful in our day that we don’t accommodate ourselves to the wicked, anti-God culture that includes even our language!

Let us recognize the distinction that God Himself initiated. Remember, “God crated man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27). In this case, both “male” and “female” were made by God. The woman and the man were God’s own design. May our Creator be praised!