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Lottery (2)

Our policy in general is not to turn on comments on articles that are published.  With that in mind, The Lottery and Powerball article comment section was left on in error. We certainly appreciate Kevin’s comments and continued visitation to Truediscipleship and we have moved his comments pertaining to this article to this post in our blog section.



  1. Thanks Kevin! You have been reading and thinking! I appreciate your suggestions and put in the Matthew one in the first comment above. This Lottery issue is one of those common, “everyday” traps of the flesh that millions and millions have fallen into. It is not only foolish from a monetary standpoint, but it also is a deed of the flesh that manifests a spirit that is antithetical to the ways of Christ!

  2. Excellent piece Mr Hollerman, thought provoking, thank you!
    Luke 12:15, Mark 10:25 and and Mat 16:25 come to mind.
    Lord Bless you

  3. Correction, Mat 16:26

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