Lifting the Fist against God our Creator!



Lifting the Fist against God our Creator!

(The New Supreme Court Ruling on Sodomy and Other Sexual Perversions)

Richard Hollerman

President Roosevelt said of Japan’s “sneak attack” against the America at Hawaii in December of 1941, “this day will live in infamy.” Today, June 26, 2015, will also live in infamy as a day that America has formally and legally entered a stance against Almighty God and His moral structure!

As many of you know, this is the day that the Supreme Court formally made it legal for sodomites and homosexuals to enter “marriage” in all 50 states of the union. Who would have thought that this would happen?  Years ago, no one could have imagined that this country would become so evil, so perverse, so immoral, that the president of the United States would not have the decency to oppose such a wicked ordinance! But this is exactly what has happened. Barack Obama is the first president to officially and publicly promote the evil of sodomite unions, misnamed “marriage”!

At one time, America had the remnants of moral fiber to oppose such an immoral practice. It was rightly considered “a sin against nature.” At one time all 50 states officially opposed sodomy and it was against the law for anyone to practice this sin. And then the immoral judges and courts began to soften official opposition to this sin. Year by year, laws were struck down. I recall some years ago when Texas state law was overthrown and perhaps you remember when your own state no longer opposed this sin “against nature.” And now (on June 26, 2015), according to the Supreme Court, all remaining state laws against homosexual “marriage” have fallen and such unions are legal.

We wonder how one single man can have such power. Although President Obama gave his influence to this immoral ruling, it took one Supreme Court Justice to pass this sodomite ruling. The four liberal judges voted for sodomite “marriage,” while the four conservative judges voted against it. The ninth vote came from Justice Anthony Kennedy, so that five out of nine Justices approved this ruling. Again, we ask how one single vote can have such power that the lives of over 320 million Americans are affected.  Evil has prevailed in the life of Anthony Kennedy as well as four of his fellow-judges!

When I read of this dreadful decision, I had to think of Numbers 15:30-31:

The person who does anything defiantly, whether he is native or an alien, that one is blaspheming the LORD; and that person shall be cut off from among his people. Because he has despised the word of the LORD and has broken His commandment, that person shall be completely cut off; his guilt shall be on him.

The NASB uses the term “defiantly” here but a more literal translation would be, “with a high hand” (Ryrie Study Bible). This means, “with a raised, clenched fist in defiance of God and His commands” (Ibid.). We know that this passage from Numbers is part of the Law of Moses and it no longer is enforceable, but it does show how God viewed then and also views now those who would openly, defiantly, deliberately oppose His righteous will.  It amounts to one who lifts his clenched fist in defiance of God and His commands”! It is someone having the open temerity to say, “I don’t care what You, my Creator, want. I don’t care what You have planned and ordained. I don’t care what your moral law says. And I don’t care how much this hurts you or angers You! I choose to deliberately defy You! I will have my own immoral way!”

This is the very wicked attitude displayed by the five Supreme Court Justices today. It is the attitude that a majority of American citizens have chosen to adopt. They too have lifted their “clinched fist in defiance of God and His commands”! As shocking as it is, the majority have chosen to defy the Living God of heaven and earth!

Does it concern us what most of the African nations think of this?  At one time, America (with all of its faults) was something of a shining light in the world. But the African countries, most of whom oppose sodomy and even impose harsh sentences on practicing sodomites, must look at American today with utter disgust. They must be saying, “America boasts great things about its moral integrity, but now it has publicly and officially been willing to accept one of the most perverse and unnatural sexual practices available. America condemns the fornication and prostitution found in some of the African nations, but now it dares to condone sodomy that even Africa will not tolerate!”

What do the dozens of Islamic nations in the Middle East and Asia think of this? Could they be saying to themselves, “Here is America, condemning Islamic terrorism and many Americans saying that Islam is a false religion, but now the United States has been willing to accept the perversion of homosexuality that dozens of Islamic countries would not at all tolerate. In fact, in Islam, sodomy would be publicly and immediately condemned and in some instances the death sentence would be imposed. Such hypocrisy from the ‘great satan’!”

What about many moral Catholics in America? What about many black pastors in the United States who oppose sodomy? What about Evangelical and Fundamentalist denominations, and what about Muslims in America? What about scattered others who continue to cling to the remnants of moral standards that would condemn sexual perversion?

Obviously, the Christian would not necessarily agree with many of those who oppose sexual immorality and the other things that they stand for, but we would share an opposition to what is obviously an unnatural, abnormal, unclean, and wicked sexual practice. Why would we do this? Because the true Christian seeks to honor God our Creator and His promotion of what is holy, pure, loving, and right. Who was it that planned for marriage? God! Who was it who created male and female and brought them together in a holy, lifelong relationship? God! Who was it who imposed serious punishment (even death) against those who would dare violate His moral commands in the Law of Moses? Again, it was God! Marriage is not a mere human convention, but it is a divine arrangement!

Viewing the pictures on the internet today has been a grieving experience. We have seen preachers or pastors of some kind standing before their churches with smiles on their faces welcoming the news of sodomite unions. (We hesitate using the term “sodomite marriage,” since everyone should know that marriage cannot be between two women or two men, but it must be between two eligible people of opposite genders.)  We have seen crowds of cheering people (obviously sodomites or transgender people) before the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.. This is a place that supposedly represented righteousness and justice but today this was overthrown by five evil judges dressed in black! The article I was reading referred to “a historical triumph to the American gay rights movement.” Wrong again. Studies have discovered that sodomites have an above-average amount of sadness and depression, thus they are certainly not “gay.”

Many things come to mind with regard to this ruling. ( us/supreme-courts- landmark-ruling- legalizes-gay- marriage-nationwide/ ar-AAcaBM5?ocid= thanksDHP). The article I read says that “same sex couples” are heading to “county clerks’ offices for marriage licenses.” Question: What will these clerks do? Will they participate in this immoral practice by refusing to grant such licenses, or will they justify their disobedience to God by saying, “This is my job and I’ll do it even though I don’t agree with it.” Will the courts allow such opposition by the clerks when they plead the first amendment right of religious convictions?

The article quotes President Obama as saying, “This ruling is a victory for America. This decision affirms what millions of Americans already believe in their hearts. When all Americans are treated as equal, we are all more free.” No, Mr. President, this is not a “victory for America.” It is an utter defeat!  Further, are we to affirm whatever is found in the hearts of Americans? Are all Americans to be treated as equals? We know that not all sexual expressions are equal, so how can we treat such as equal when immorality is not equal to morality? Do we treat polygamists, bigamists, and other people as equals? Do we look on pedophilia and bestiality as equal to a male virgin and a female virgin marrying in purity and holiness? Surely any sane and reasonable person can see through the false philosophy of President Obama!

This immoral decision ushers in huge problems and issues that didn’t exist before. John Roberts, one of the conservative justices, said, “Five lawyers have closed the debate and enacted their own vision of marriage as a matter of constitutional law.” Chief Justice Roberts summarized his dissent (the first time in 10 years) in saying that “it was not the court’s role to force states to change their marriage laws.” This means that it was not right for the Supreme Court to invalidate the laws against sodomite unions in the various states in America.

Again and again, President Obama has displayed his ultra-liberal and immoral positions. We may all remember how the president said that if one of his daughters became pregnant, he would advise killing her baby! Everything from killing babies (late term abortions) to taking a pro-sodomite stance reveals his evil agenda. We can’t forget his signing the law that allowed sodomites to openly serve in the military in 2010. We know that there are at least some religious people who voted for President Obama. We hope that if there is any fear of God in these people, that this recent decision as well as all of the President’s previous decisions will cause them to repent of their promotion of what must be one of the most liberal and wicked national leaders that America has ever had!

The presidential candidates have widely differing views of this immoral decision. Hillary Clinton, the leading liberal Democratic contender, wrote that she was “proud to celebrate a historic victory for marriage equality.” While it was a “victory” for the forces of immorality in the country, it was not a victory for “marriage equality” since sodomite unions never have been, are not now, and can’t be “marriage.” God says that marriage is between a male and a female (Genesis 1:26-27, 2:18, 24) and the Lord Jesus agrees (Matthew 19:4-9).

Mike Huckabee, a Republican, wrote, “This flawed, failed decision is an out of control act of unconstitutional judicial tyranny.” And Rick Santorum was sad that five “unelected judges redefined the foundational unit of society.” While we wouldn’t want to endorse these men on everything, and while the Christian remains neutral in political matters, we would concur with them on the negative features of this law. It indeed does show how defective the judicial office is in the United States. When a judge can make immoral and unjust decisions that are bound on 320 million people, there is something deeply flawed in this country!

Although liberal denominations may accept homosexuality and related sexual perversions, even performing “weddings” for two of the same gender, we are glad that there are some rising to the challenge and affirming their continued submission to Scriptural teachings.  For example, the Southern Baptist denomination, earlier in the week, reaffirmed their opposition to sexual immorality:

Delegates of the Southern Baptist Convention voted on Tuesday to pass a resolution declaring that the denomination will stand by the biblical definition of marriage found in the book of Genesis and that no court or government authority can change God’s definition.

Southern Baptist President Ronnie Floyd, an Alabama megachurch pastor, spoke to those gathered earlier in the day, being met with a standing ovation. “The Supreme Court of the United States is not the final authority nor is the culture itself,” he proclaimed in an impassioned speech. “The Bible is God’s final authority about marriage and on this book we stand.” “While some evangelicals may be bowing down to the deception of the inclusiveness of same-sex marriage, we will not bow down nor will we be silent,” Floyd continued. “We do not need to redefine what God Himself has defined already.” …

Delegates later voted on and adopted what is known as Resolution 5, or “The Call to Public Witness on Marriage.” “Resolved, that Southern Baptists recognize that no governing institution has the authority to negate or usurp God’s definition of marriage,” it reads in part. “And be it further resolved no matter how the Supreme Court rules, the Southern Baptist Convention reaffirms its unwavering commitment to its doctrinal and public beliefs concerning marriage.” ( news-southern-baptists- declare-no-court- can-change-gods- definition-of-marriage/? utm_source=No+ Court+Can+Change+ Definition+of+Marriage &utm_campaign= SWRB-EMAIL-No CourtMarriageSouth Bapt-June26-2015 &utm_medium=email).

(Nothing that we have presented here should be interpreted as approval of everything that the Southern Baptist Convention promotes or everything that various groups mentioned earlier believes or does. We only mention them because of their stance on same-sex unions.)

Down through the years, one step after another has been taken that would legitimize this immoral act and relationship in America. Beginning in the 1960s (the decade of the sexual revolution) when the Stonewall event occurred and sodomites began to parade in New York City, and continuing through the 1980s when the AIDs epidemic began and everyone became aware of the Sodom of San Francisco and other places, and on to the present day, this country has deeply fallen into massive sexual immorality and perversion. (Strangely, pedophilia has remained objectionable to the majority of the public—as it should be—but in nearly every other way, immorality abounds.)

In 2003 the Supreme Court overthrew laws against sodomy in each of the states in America. The year 2004 saw the first state (Massachusetts) to legalize same-sex “marriage.” Other countries have also opened the doors to sodomite unions. This would include Britain, France, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, and Canada. And now the United States!

More and more public opinion sides with the sodomite agenda. Younger people are particularly positive to these immoral “marriage” unions. We suspect that what they learn in High School and College, as well as positive references on TV and in movies, all of this has contributed to the younger generation’s positive view of sexual immorality. Perhaps also the fact that many young men and women are favorable toward all kinds of immoral sex (pornography, immodesty, premarital fornication, divorce, remarriage, etc.) would make them accept just another form of sexual immorality (albeit a bizarre and unnatural form). And as these teens and twenties men and women age, they will increase the number of persons who are open to sodomy in its various forms (including transgender expressions and bisexual relationships). This country is going down!

Is there any positive way to look at all of this?

As bleak as the present situation now is, we must never lose hope or give up our fight for truth and righteousness. Although sin may seem to prevail through governmental action (or inaction), God is still working and we must trust Him. Although we live in a “perverse generation” (Acts 2:40), we must remember that other periods of time were also ones of rampant idolatry, immorality, violence, and unbelief.

At one time, God chose to send a flood to destroy a world overrun with sin (Genesis 6:5-13). At another time, God destroyed a city through its open rebellion and practice of sodomy (Genesis 18). You will remember that God saw that “the outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah” was indeed “great, and their sin” was “exceedingly grave” (v. 20). Because of this, the Lord sent fire upon Sodom and the cities of the plain. It surely isn’t any worse today, is it?

If the first century Roman world consisted of “a crooked and perverse generation” (Philippians 2:15), and if followers of Christ were able to survive and propagate their message of good news to a world in need of salvation, why can’t we? If they were able to “appear as lights in the world” (Philippians 2:15), we also will be able to be light in a world of darkness. Although open and official acceptance of gross sexual perversion (of both men and women) is around us, we can reholy, pure and distinctive.  Scripture says that Sodom and Gomorrah “indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh,” and then were “undergoing the punishment of eternal fire” (Jude 7), we are living with a similar situation. Just as Sodom was destroyed by an angry God because of their gross perversion of sodomy, will He destroy America?

We must remember that “no fault divorce” entered in decades ago which opened the door to divorce on all sorts of grounds. No longer was desertion and adultery alone the acceptable causes of divorce, but any reasons were justifiable grounds to terminate marriage and even enter a second (adulterous) marriage. This opened the floodgates for widespread adultery (through remarriage) that we see today. It was a moral catastrophe. But somehow the American public grew accustomed to it, even though vast numbers of people today are living in illegitimate adulterous relationships (remarriages). Similarly, we know that tens of thousands of men are living together sexually and similar numbers of women are living in homosexual relationships. Like remarriages, these too are immoral and will condemn the participants to the fires of hell—unless they repent (1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

The point is that Americans became accustomed to adultery and in the coming months they will probably also grow accustomed to sodomite unions, misnamed “marriages.” Regardless of the misnamed sodomite unions, we can assume that Americans will become acquainted with male and female sodomites, will work with them, will live near them, and will interact with them in stores and in the workplace. While it is true that sodomy is not only sexual immorality, but also sexual perversion, we must remember that all sin (whether lying, blasphemy, laziness, slander, anger, indifference, hatred, etc.) has wages! The wages of sin are death (Romans 6:23) and death will condemn to hell (Revelation 21:8). Sinners of all kinds (and not just those who practice gross immorality) must meet their Maker in judgment and will be condemned, unless forgiven through the grace of God and the blood of Christ (Romans 3:24-27; 5:6-11).

Let’s not run and hide at this crucial time. When darkness prevails, this is when the world needs the light of Christ and the light of those who follow the Lord in holy obedience.  Take every opportunity to share the gracious Savior with others—whether they be adulterers, fornicators, transvestites, transgender people, or sodomites. They all are under God’s judgment and all need His saving mercy (Hebrews 13:4; Ephesians 5:3-7).

You can have a part in God’s plan of redemption today. I can do the same. We must not fail in our duty by running from the challenge. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is dangerous. Yes, we could suffer rejection and ostracism. We may lose our job when we refuse to participate in activities that promote sodomy. On your job, you may need to refuse to sell certain items; you may need to refuse to stock or promote certain pro-sodomite items; you may need to refuse to promote sodomy in many different ways.

As for your children, it is past time to remove them from the immoral and secularistic public schools. Let parents know that when they send their children to be taught in such a pagan environment, using secularistic textbooks, taught by secularistic teachers, and the whole atmosphere is unspiritual, that they are to blame for the waywardness of their children who depart from parental control and parental restrictions. Take your children out while you can! In some measure, they will probably be taught to “respect,” and “accept,” and agree with homosexuality and other immoral relationships. Do something now while you still have time!

If sodomites want to rent an apartment or house from you, you must explain that your convictions keep you from promoting sodomy in any form (as well as adultery or fornication). If the government wants you to hire a sodomite to work with you and this would be a poor testimony to your Christian convictions, you may need to refuse. If a school system wants you to promote a sodomite-promoting course, you may need to refuse to participate. If two sodomites want you to promote their immoral activity (through photography work, through food catering, through renting a hall, etc.), you may need to steadfastly refuse. All of this could bring persecution of various kinds. Perhaps fines and imprisonment awaits the consistent, moral Christian who opposes homosexuality, including the new pro-homosexual law of the land. Although the civil government says that we can continue with our right to religion and the First Amendment seems to guarantee this, we don’t know if the government will agree with this. Regardless of the outcome, let’s retrue.

Like Peter, we may need to say, “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). We maybe never thought that it would come to this in America. We used to think that America was the land of freedom and liberty. Not any more. As we follow the news, more and more we see instances of Christians and professing Christians being denied their right to live according to God’s moral standards and refuse to participate in a neo-pagan and immoral society. No more can we count on the courts to uphold First Amendment rights and no more can we just assume that we will have unhindered opportunity to proclaim the truth about homosexuality or any other sin. Sadly, those days or freedom are almost gone.

Beloved, now is the time to stand forth and let the world know who you are and what you believe. Be willing to “say it like it is” and refuse to be pressured to keep your mouth shut or be intimidated about what God has said is definitely true. Open your mouth and let others know that homosexuality (as well as fornication, adultery, pedophilia, pornography, and every other sexual sin) is wrong, immoral, and sinful. Such sins will bring the burning wrath of a holy God (Jude 7; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Romans 1:26-27; Ephesians 5:3-7; Colossians 3:5-7; Hebrews 13:4; Revelation 21:8). Refuse to be among those who would “raise their fist” against Almighty God in deliberate sin, including the sin of homosexuality!

Only the grace of God granted to us through Christ will suffice to rescue us from this certain judgment. Let the world know the truth and don’t hold it to yourself. Tell people to “flee” from the wrath to come (Matthew 3:7) by finding refuge in God through Christ and His atoning death.

(Some of the foregoing information was taken from an MSN article at news/us/supreme- courts-landmark-ruling -legalizes-gay-marriage -nationwide/ar- AAcaBM5?ocid= thanksDHP.)


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