Life Purpose Commitments

Life Purpose Commitments
of Richard and Monica



Life Purpose Commitments of Richard and Monica

We purpose to glorify and be true to God our Father who has foreknown, called, forgiven, and will glorify us with Christ Jesus to Himself for all eternity.

We purpose to trust, love, and grow in Jesus Christ who is our very life, and be filled with the Holy Spirit that He may strengthen and empower us to live fully for Jesus in our relationship and all of our endeavors.

We purpose to be guided by the inspired, living Word of God in all of our thoughts, attitudes, words, and deeds.  We seek to renounce and expose all sinfulness in our hearts and determine to lead people from sin to holiness in heart and life.  We further purpose to live crucified lives of humble obedience as we submit our wills to God and obey Him in all things.

We purpose to seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness, pursuing the things above rather than things on earth, looking to that which is eternal rather than the temporal, and the unseen rather than that which is seen.

We seek to make a spiritual impact in this world with all of our being, that we might reach the lost with the good news of Christ and might bless and build up other children of God as we all seek to honor God in our interpersonal lives in the body of Christ.

We seek to display genuine, unselfish love, in speech and activities, manifesting through our life-long marriage relationship with each other the higher spiritual relationship we both have with our God through Jesus Christ.

We purpose to fulfill the God-given privileges and responsibilities to which He has called us, with Richard leading, guiding, protecting, teaching, encouraging, nurturing, cherishing, and serving–and with Monica following, helping, responding, submitting, yielding, sharing, and blessing–and, if God blesses us with children, we purpose to love, protect, encourage, train, and lead them to come to Christ, live fully for Him, and walk in the ways of righteousness.

We purpose to allow God’s light to shine in us and through us for His glory to share the knowledge of God with all.  In this way, our home will be a haven of rest for the weary, a beacon of hope to the hopeless, a place of peace from life’s turmoil, a shelter from life’s storms, a context of growth toward God, a witness of holiness in an evil world, a source of compassion to the downtrodden, a refuge of security to the fearful, a fortress of truth in a world of falsehood, a workshop of learning to the ignorant, a harbor of hospitality to all, an abode of rescue to the wayward, a testimony of the grace of God, and a display of true, active, sacrificial, outgoing love.

–Richard Hollerman

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