LGBTQ Candidates in Texas?

LGBTQ in Fort Worth, Texas

LGBTQ Candidates in Texas?

Richard Hollerman

Some of our readers can probably hardly believe such a title in view of the reputation of this fair state and city. As I recall, Fort Worth has the reputation of being a Republican stronghold. In fact, it had the highest Republican turnout for the latest election in all of the country! Texas as a whole also had a high Republican turnout, especially in the rural areas and smaller towns, although the larger cities did side with the Democrat candidate—Hillary Clinton.

So what do we mean by such a title? Outsmart magazine tells us that at least 42 candidates are running for office in the 2018 election! That’s right—42 different people classify themselves as LGBTQ! As a reminder, we are referring to those who call themselves Lesbian (female homosexuals), Gay (male sodomites), B (bisexual—those who feel comfortable with both sexes or genders), T (transsexuals—those men who want to “identify” as women, and those women who want to “identify” as men), and Queer (these are homosexuals who are outspoken homosexuals).

(Note: “Originally pejorative for gay, now being reclaimed by some gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons as a self-affirming umbrella term. Caution: still extremely offensive when used as an epithet.” []” Thus, it would seem that “queer” has come to be accepted by these sexually immoral people (of all kinds).

Why would there be so many people running who are openly espousing and living sexually immoral, perverse, and wicked lifestyles? John W. Duncan is one of these homosexuals who are seeking election this year. He attributes “the groundswell to a reaction to the Trump administration” (“A flood of LGBTQ candidates running for office in 2018,” Fort Worth Star Telegram, January 7, 2018). He is one of five Democrats who are running for a U.S. House seat to replace long-time Republican Representative who was exposed for sharing a nude photo on his phone and participation in sexual involvements in the past.

Duncan says, “I am proud to have been listed among the openly LGBTQ Texans running for office.” He proudly continues, “The landscape is changing for LGBTQ candidates across the nation, and this is also true in our great state, but the voters we speak with are more concerned about how a candidate will fight for them and their families than they are about a candidate’s gender, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation” (Ibid).

You will notice that this sodomite lists various descriptions that are of interest to the Christian who has the “mind of Christ” in this (1 Corinthians 2:16). Notice the list. As for gender, we know that a woman is not to exercise authority over the man (1 Timothy 2:11-12). Race—by this he means not race but color or ethnicity (for there is only one race—the human race). He mentions religion, and we do know that one’s religion will definitely influence a person’s voting activity in the House. Finally he mentions one’s “sexual orientation.” By this he means that it makes no difference to him or others whether a man is sexually united to another man, a woman is sexually involved with another woman, whether a man or woman is sexually active in an immoral relationship with both genders, whether a man is discontent with the gender that God has made him and seeks to pretend that he is a woman, and vice versa. And, finally, he sees no problem with a person actively seeking to promote homosexuality or other perverse and unnatural relationships!

As we continue to read, we are shocked to read the following: “Duncan’s campaign website says he lives with his husband, Tim, who is a youth minister at a progressive Baptist church in Dallas” (Ibid). Yes, you read correctly—this sodomite is “married” to another man who is employed by a Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas! Generally Baptists are known to be somewhat more conservative and moral than others, but note that this Baptist Church is “progressive.” They have progressed beyond the clear teaching of Scripture and are determined to go along with the prevailing immoral climate in America. How sad!

The article continues. Another Democrat is running to replace a Republican representative. This would be Finnigan “Finn” Jones of Arlington, Texas. According to his Facebook page, “he began his transition from female to male in Dec. 2010.” Again, how sad. This means that this “transsexual” woman began to consider herself a man eight years ago! How can any moral Texan consider voting for such a woman who insists on rejecting her God-given gender and portraying herself as a man? Note also that this newspaper (probably like many in the United States) will call her as “him” and “he” instead of what she is in reality—a woman!

The article then refers to another Democrat candidate—Jeffrey Payne. He is the owner of a homosexual “bar,” according to The Texas Tribune. Does this sound like a good, moral, upstanding citizen whom you would want to have voting for you? Toward the end of the article, we find that the candidates are from Plano, Carrolton, Houston (14 from this large city), Austin, San Antonio, Abilene, in addition to the ones we’ve mentioned above. We can see that not every Texan is a Republican and not everyone is conservative or sexually moral.

We’ve mentioned enough to see that Texas, like many other states, has many men and women who openly define themselves as sexually immoral. And this would not be such sexual sins as fornication, adultery, pederasty, pedophilia, and others (which are evil enough), but some of the most degrading and wicked sexual activities and relationships imaginable—and unimaginable!

We find it interesting that, according to the article, all of these 42 candidates are running as Democrats! We must not conclude that every Democrat is sexually immoral and participates in sexual perversion, but it does show that this political party is an umbrella that will accommodate many people of different immoral and religious (or irreligious) perspectives. Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that every single Democrat would endorse this perversion, but it does reveal that people such as this have found a haven in which they find acceptance and endorsement. Apparently there are enough voters who have accepted the wicked view that God closes His eyes to such a lifestyle, thus they are unconcerned about whether a man or woman is upstanding, decent, and moral.

The “takeaway” is that we are living in a sinful world. As John states, “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19). The situation above is one sign of the corruption of our age. Jeremiah writes:

Were they ashamed because of the abomination they have done?
They were not even ashamed at all;
They did not even know how to blush.
Jeremiah 6:15

Like those described in this Scriptural verse, we find that many in our day are not ashamed because of their abomination. They should “blush” because of their open practices of abomination, but they refuse to even blush or keep their sin secret! This well describes the account that we deal with in this article.

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