LGBT Youth and Foster Care

LGBT Youth and Foster Care

LGBT Youth and Foster Care

If I understand Adam McCormick correctly (“LGBT youth should be a top priority in Texas’ foster care overhaul”), he believes that homosexual or other deviant children should be treated with special consideration. He opines, “Nearly half of LGBT youth suggest that their sexual orientation or gender identity was the most important factor in their most recent placement disruption.”

If a child is white, black, brown, or another color, there is absolutely no fault with such a condition and each should be treated with great consideration, respect, and care. If the child is deformed or disabled, the child should also be made to feel welcome and compassionately cared for.

But when it comes to sinful orientation and activity, the matter changes dramatically! No child should be encouraged to pursue or maintain a sinful, abnormal, deviant, or immoral lifestyle. Further, the state should never be put into a position of supporting or furthering any sinful belief, activity, or lifestyle at all.

McCormick says that trying to change a child’s sinful orientation involves “dangerous practices.” This reveals where his own biases lie. Let’s cease condoning sinful sexual orientations and, instead, encourage one and all to live morally—the way God has made us.

Richard Hollerman

Fort Worth Star-Telegram


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