LGBT “Rights” in Charlotte?


LGBT “Rights” in Charlotte?

LGBT “Rights” in Charlotte?

(Sent to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

I read with dismay the article in today’s newspaper, “More Businesses Taking a Stand on LGBT Rights.”

You and I know that, from God’s standpoint, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders have no “rights” from the Lord. We all know that God created one male (Adam) and one female (Eve) in the beginning (see Genesis 1:26-27). He declared that these two genders were “very good” (v. 31).

The Charlotte government simply seeks to show consideration to those Christian and other religious people who object to the blatant sexual immorality or sodomy that much of the country is pursuing. Fifty years ago, nearly every American would have agreed with the Charlotte law that forbids women from using the men’s restroom or forbids men from using the women’s restroom. Everyone knew that sodomy or homosexuality was an immoral perversion of what God had created and what the Lord Jesus endorsed (Matthew 19:3-9).

Those people whose conscience will not allow them to participate in sodomite activity, sodomite relationships, sodomite cultural expressions, or sodomite social practices must be respected. It is a terrible sin and selfish act to coerce sincere, honest and consistent men and women who simply wish to promote morality and oppose sexual immorality.

Richard Hollerman

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