What does Islam and Evolution Have in Common?

What does Islam and Evolution Have in Common?

What does Islam and Evolution Have in Common?

We may think that Muslims and evolutionists would have very little in common. After all, Muslims do believe in creation (at least a form of it) and this presupposes that they would reject evolution, unless there is some inconsistencies. But there may be something that we are overlooking.

In a recent issue of World Magazine, we learn that large numbers of people in certain countries do adhere to Islam. (See “Crowd-sourcing evolution,” March 2, 2019). The following examples are given (with the percentage of Islamic members):

Afghanistan (99.7 percent)

Iran (99.4 percent)

Algeria (99 percent)

Somalia (99 percent)

Niger (98 percent)

Azerbaijan (97 percent)

Libia (97 percent)

Saudi Arabia (97 percent)

Djibouti (97 percent)

Sudan (97 percent)

Senegal (96 percent)

Gambia (95 percent)

Mali (95 percent)

Of course, this sort of information might be of interest to missionaries who want to reach and convert Muslims, but this is not the ultimate goal of giving these statistics for the Islamic world. The article that we mentioned, from which these figures are extracted, went on to say, “If such high percentages of inhabitants have those beliefs, they are likely to be right, yes? How could so many people be wrong?”

But this is not the conclusion that we must reach. Those of you who have studied the Middle East and Africa, and who have studied comparative religions, especially Islam, might be totally convinced that Islam is false and without a reliable foundation. Our question then must be reworded: How could so many people be wrong since so many people embrace this false belief about Islam and Muhammad?

The article continues: Such people “could be [wrong] because those countries typically have laws against blasphemy and apostasy. Those who criticize Muhammad or abandon Islam often go to prison and may even face execution, so some poll respondents probably lie. Others may pledge allegiance because they’ve never heard arguments against Islam from sources they consider reliable. Their mullahs say critics of Islam are idiots or liars: Why listen to them””

With this background information and explanation, we can see that these Muslims are forced to stay in Islam by their governments. Further, they face extreme pressure to stay in this religion, even facing prison or death, thus they dare not think for themselves or leave this persecuting religion. Further, because there are so many restrictions in these countries, they don’t hear a convincing argument with solid evidence that would point to another religion, such as Christianity!

But we began with the question, “What Does Islam and Evolution Have in Common?” What about evolution? The article continues: “A Pew survey in 2009 showed 87 percent of scientists agree: ‘Humans and other living things have evolved over time due to natural processes.’” Then the author asked, “How could 87 percent be wrong?” He proceeded to reply: “The same caveats apply as with Islam. Few scientists have themselves done experiments related to the evolution debate, so they’re basing their response on what their professors and deans have told them.” Thus, scientists and those aspiring to become some sort of scientists have been immersed in evolution and unbelief all through their academic training. Thus, it would be very difficult for them to break free from this mindset. They have been told that all other views make no sense and are childish in their view of origins and the Bible.

The next thing that the author explains is quite interesting—even quite shocking: “Given the academic scimitars wielded by the mullahs of materialism, it’s remarkable that 1,000 Ph.D. scientists have signed the ‘Scientific Dissent From Darwinism’ list.” Do you see what is being said here? Regardless of the teaching and training given to these scientists, some of them can “see through” the fallacy of evolution and insist that Darwinism is false and actually impossible! They say that regardless of the pressure to continue to promote the false theory of evolution, the evidence leads them in another direction. That direction is toward a belief in a Creator.

Now we wouldn’t want to suggest that these 1,000 scientists with advanced degrees are promoters of the Bible and the Biblical account of creation. Not at all. But they have seen enough to become convinced that evolution is false. We would suppose that many (perhaps even most) of these scientists refuse to accept the account of creation found on the inspired pages of Scripture—such as Genesis 1-3 and elsewhere.

We would suggest this: if we were to examine the evidence for the truth in the religious realm and also in the scientific world, we must reject both Islam and evolution. We must accept the truth of Scripture regarding Jesus Christ—the crucified and risen Lord—and we must accept the truth regarding God’s creating the universe just as the Bible states it.

Let’s not feel coerced into accepting a lie of Satan in order to be like everyone else. Regardless of what our contemporaries say about religion (such as Islam) and regardless of what they say about science (such as evolution), let us accept, defend, and promote what God has revealed about both of these subjects and everything else that the Scripture both denies and affirms.

–Richard Hollerman


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