I Saw The Lord


I Saw the Lord

I Saw the Lord

When first I looked upon the cross
And saw my blessed Lord,
I found Someone who touched my heart–
Someone my heart adored.

How could I keep from loving Him
Who suffered there for me?
How could I turn my back on Him
Who died upon the tree?

He gave Himself and suffered there
That I might be set free;
My Savior died upon the cross
That I His face might see.

What had I done that Jesus gave
His blood, His life, His all?
I could but offer sin and shame,
And answer to His call.

When now by faith I look on Him
My heart He will transform;
I gaze upon that sacrifice–
His dying, loving form.

My greatest treasure seems so small
To give to show my love,
But all I have I sacrifice
To seek the things above.

I seek not riches, land, or fame,
Nor lusts to gratify;
For Jesus only fills my heart
And He will satisfy.

If we could only see the truth
That sets men free from sin. . .
That truth is found in Christ Himself
Who works it deep within.

To “find” my life, and lose the Lord–
So foolish would it be;
To “lose” my life for Jesus’ sake–
‘Tis life for eternity!

To follow Jesus may bring pain
And heartache may abound;
But Jesus far outweighs it all–
A Treasure I have found!

I’ll gladly bear the cross each day,
The burden gladly bear;
For Jesus walks along with me,
The load He’ll always share.

Richard Hollerman

“For the love of Christ controls us,
having concluded this, that one died for all,
therefore all died;
And He died for all, that they who live
should no longer live for themselves,
but for Him who died and rose again
on their behalf.”

(2 Corinthians 5:14-15)

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