Hypocrisy in the News: Muslims and Sodomy!

Orlando terrorist

Hypocrisy in the News: Muslims and Sodomy!

Hypocrisy in the News

Muslims and Sodomy!

(Submitted to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

After reading and reflecting on the terrorist shooting in Orlando, I’ve been struck with the hypocrisy of this tragic incident.

It’s regrettable that 49 sodomites where mercilessly slain in the homosexual bar. While homosexuals were to be executed under the Law of God in the Old Testament (Leviticus 20:13), Christians are to love them under the law of Christ (Mark 12:31). After all, all people are sinners and in need of God’s salvation (Romans 6:23).

Second, it’s also lamentable that some think all Muslims share in the blame of this murderous act. True, nearly all terrorists are Muslims, but not all Muslims are terrorists. We’re glad that there are some liberal or “moderate” Muslims in the world and in America!

The hypocrisy must also be stressed! Is it right for sodomites, guilty of such gross sexual perversion, to condemn the Muslim community, when they themselves are under God’s judgment (Romans 1:26-27)? Further, is it right for Muslim terrorists, culpable of blasphemy against Jesus the Son of God (1 John 2:22-23) and guilty of atrocious bloodshed (in Orlando and around the world), to condemn the sodomites, when they themselves are under God’s judgment?

Isn’t this hypocrisy? Why can’t we see it?

–Richard Hollerman

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