Homosexual Misunderstanding

Homosexual Misunderstanding

Mitchell Swaim’s criticism (“Straight dining?,” Aug. 29, 2003) of my earlier letter on homosexuality shows the problem of misreading, misquoting, as well as abbreviated newspaper letters.

My earlier letter pointed out four of the main problems that sincere Episcopalians have because of the installation of V. Gene Robinson, their new homosexual bishop.  One of the points was that God forbids the Christian to have fellowship with or even eat with a fellow-Christian who is an unrepentant fornicator or homosexual (1 Corinthians 5:10-13).  Swaim thought that this was unreasonable or ridiculous.

Consider this first: In my shortened letter it may not have been clear that I was actually citing the Word of God itself and not offering my opinion.  Second, Swaim applies this instruction to ANY homosexual that a Christian may find eating in a restaurant.  No, this teaching only applies to a true Christian who chooses to sin and refuses to repent.  The Christian may eat with sodomites and other sinners in society as a whole.  The Lord’s instruction pertains to fellow-Christians regarding “Christian fellowship,” as I stated.  Third, Swaim assumes that God’s directive to not eat with or have other fellowship with unrepentant “Christian” homosexual fornicators conflicts with His command for us to love our neighbor.  On the contrary, all of God’s instructions express His love for us, our love for Him, and our love for others.  The same God who tells us to love others is the God who hates homosexual fornication.

Would I eat a meal with the sodomite bishop?  I may—since it is clear that the bishop is of the world and not a fellow-Christian.

The Episcopal paradox remains: What will the sincere member do with a denomination that has endorsed a bishop guilty of sodomy and fornication, sins that God condemns?

Richard Hollerman



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