Greek Quiz 2 :Familiar Words



(2) Familiar Words


_______(1) body

_______(2) elder

_______(3) overseer (bishop)

_______(4) witness

_______(5) defense

_______(6) hell (valley of Hinnom)

_______(7) teach

_______(8) scripture (writing)

_______(9) joy

_______(10) gift of grace

_______(11) fellowship

_______(12) into, for

_______(13) love

_______(14) assembly, community (church)

_______(15) man

_______(16) servant

_______(17) word

_______(18) spirit

Choose your answers from the following

(a) episkopos (b) apologia (c) logos (d) gehenna (e) pneuma (f) didasko (g) eis (h) charisma (i) martus, martur (j) soma (k) agape (l) ekklesia (m) presbuterion; adj., presbuterios (n) anthropos, aner (o) chara (p) graphe (q) koinonia (r) diakonos

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