Elvis Not Outstanding

Elvis Not Outstanding

I must both commend Rosalyn Vance Royal’s June 22 letter as well as disagree with it.

Royal definitely is right in affirming that the Lord Jesus is “King of kings.” He is the living Lord and sovereign ruler of heaven and earth. He deserves to be called King far more than Elvis Presley about whom she wrote.

However, I strongly disagree with her statements that Elvis was “outstanding” and that he was “a great entertainer.” Christians of all ages and people of middle age and older are aware of the disastrous effects carnal rock music has had upon the last two generations of Americans.

The evil effects of the music Elvis introduced have been extensive and lamentable. The only way Elvis was outstanding was in opening America to an immoral and depraved form of music that was and is void of any redeeming qualities or spiritual virtue.

Richard Hollerman
Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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