Each Day With You

Each Day with You At break of day when darkness flees, And grass is wet with dew, My heart awaking looks above And I resort to You. The freshness of the newborn day, With joyful singing bird– They turn my thoughts to You my Lord And Your delightful Word. The radiant dawn, with streams of light That flood the eastern sky, Brings promise of a lovely day Which You will beautify. While others sleep and dread to rise, I seek Your blessed face To start the day with You, O Lord, At our own trysting-place. Each day is given to Your own That we might toil and trust; That we would wisely use each hour That You to us entrust. So through the day I look to You Through Jesus, Your own Son, And walk with You along the way ‘Til setting of the sun. What joy I feel, what peace is mine, As I commune with You; Your love is like a lovely flower With fragrance ever new. When evening comes at setting sun And shadows lengthen long, My great delight is You, dear Lord– To You I raise my song! (Richard Hollerman) “In the morning, O LORD, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.” –Psalm 5:3

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