Don’t Vote on Moral Grounds?

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Don’t Vote on Moral Grounds?

I was saddened by the Star-Telegram’s liberal columnist Bob Ray Sander’s article, “Black preacher’s epistle on gay marriage is a must-read” (Star-Telegram, Sept. 26, 2012).  Sanders is combating the black bishop’s suggestion that African-Americans should not vote for either of the present candidates for the presidency of the United States—Barak Obama and Mitt Romney.

Sanders said that Otis Moss III, the senior pastor of United Church of Christ in Chicago, is urging blacks to not heed the bishop’s counsel regarding refraining from voting. I note that Moss is part of the liberal congregation where Obama himself attended for twenty years and he is part of an ultra-liberal denomination that is known for numerous left-wing causes.

The bishop had pointed out that blacks are in a dilemma at present.  President Obama is pro-sodomy (and I might add that he strongly supports the killing of unborn babies). But Mitt Romney is part of the Mormon cult, one that denied blacks the right to be part of their priesthood until recently. Therefore, who is to be trusted and who is to receive the black vote? That is the dilemma.  Moss, in contrast to the bishop, is pro-sodomite as is Obama, and wants as many blacks to vote in the upcoming election as possible.

I recognize the dilemma that the African-American bishop posed.  But is it right to take the approach that Moss is recommending? Is it right and conscionable for the black voter to overlook Obama’s pro-homosexual stance, one that is shared by his administration (and, by the way, also overlook his pro-abortion stance)?  Can the African-American have any part in the election of one whose immoral stances are legendary?  Are we not to vote on the grounds of morality?

Is it ever right to do wrong (support sodomy or abortion) in order to do right (supposedly support one who does stand for some good causes)?  Paul denies this in Romans 3:8, saying that one who holds this philosophy is rightly under condemnation.

–Richard Hollerman

(This does not in any way suggest that the Christian should approve or endorse the other candidate–Mitt Romney. As a great proponent of a fast-growing the heretical cult–the Mormon Church–we wouldn’t want in any way to suggest that he should be approved.)


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