David Koresh

David Korish

Now that the Branch Davidian crisis is over, it is time for us to ponder the significance of David Koresh. Some readers mistakenly assume that this misguided religious leader is representative of those who seek to follow Jesus with too much enthusiasm or who take their religion too seriously. How far from the truth this is! We need to make some very needful distinctions:

Koresh was not a true follower of Jesus Christ but was opposed to Christ. In claiming to either be Christ or His chosen prophet, Koresh lied. The Bible calls this type of person an “anti-Christ.” Jesus warned, “False Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders.”

Koresh did not follow the way of Christ, who taught love and nonresistance toward one’s enemies and blessing and care of one’s enemies. Instead, this self-proclaimed prophet stood for violence.

Koresh was a hypocrite, displaying one thing to the outside world while being something else to his followers. Even his members may not have known the real Koresh. Jesus denounced hypocrisy and taught truthfulness.

Koresh evidently was grossly immoral, committing adultery or fornication with many women and even girls (if the reports are accurate). Christ, in contrast, said that only the pure in heart will see God and even immoral sexual desire in the heart will bar one from heaven.

Finally, Korseh may have committed suicide and mass murder (if the reports are accurate). Christ, in contrast, warned through His apostle John that unrepentant murderers do not have eternal life in them. Jesus would not even defend Himself from His enemies and was willing to go to the cross.

For these and other reasons it is vital for readers to place the blame where the blame belongs: on an evil man by the name of David Koresh and those who willingly followed Him. I hope that these words will serve as a defense of the peerless character of Christ Jesus and of those who sincerely seek to emulate Him.

Richard Hollerman
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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