Civil Sodomy Laws and Scripture

Civil Sodomy Laws and Scripture

The Star-Telegram has reported on the Texas Supreme Court’s decision on homosexual sodomy. Technically, the Texas sodomy law remains in effect. A total of twenty-three states retain a ban on the practice of sodomy.

I think of the three alternatives that lie before the state regarding this issue: (1) Retain the anti-sodomy law but do not enforce it; (2) Overturn the law; or (3) Retain the law and enforce it. The Bible tells us that God has established civil government to promote the common good and to punish evildoers (Romans 13:1-7). Since this is the case, the state and local governments have a moral obligation to enforce their prohibition of this immoral practice—just as they should prohibit incest, child abuse, wife-beating, pornography, abortion, prostitution, drunkenness, and other sins of society.

Regardless of what the state eventually decides on this volatile question, there is absolutely no question about how God views the practice and orientation of homosexuality. This is what really counts! Homosexuality clearly is an unnatural perversion that violates the very way God constituted us in creation. Further, it violates the plainly expressed will of God in Scripture. The practice of homosexuality also breaks down the integrity of the family, breeds venereal disease (especially the dreaded and fatal AIDS), corrupts impressionable young people, destroys human personality, weakens society, wastes billions of dollars (through medical expense for AIDS patients, most of whom are homosexuals), and particularly offends a holy God.

While the state has a moral obligation to promote the good of its citizens and repress the harmful, I personally doubt that it will follow through on this issue of homosexuality and sodomy. The influences of secular humanism, immorality, and relativism are just too great in our age. However, the will of God and common sense should still be clear to all of those who have eyes to see. Regardless of what the state does or does not do, let us love the sodomite but hate sodomy.

Richard Hollerman
Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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