Challenging Scriptural Statements

Scriptural Statements

The Lord Jesus Christ made it clear that a relationship with God and eternal salvation depends on how we respond to Christ and His revolutionary words. Again and again, our Lord expressed what only can be described as challenging statements that touched the hearts of those who originally heard His message—and they touch our hearts today as well! These are words of comfort and encouragement, words of calling and commitment, words that require us to depart from the ordinary course of life and commit everything to Him and His way of life!

The early Christians likewise spoke words of life and truth that touched the hearts of people. They called upon men and women to come to Christ–who would radically change their lives. They would depart from darkness to light, from the dominion of sin to a liberating slavery to God, from despair to hope, and from self-orientation to Christ-centered living. It is not surprising that the unbelievers could say that the Christian preachers had “upset the world” with their teaching (Acts 17:6)!

What are some of these “startling Scriptural statements”? We plan to briefly examine some of the words of Christ Jesus and His chosen writers so that we might be challenged to commit our lives entirely to Christ and His way of life. This is a continuing exploration at the True Discipleship site, thus we hope you will examine our offerings from time to time.


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