Careers that May Not be Possible for Consistent Christians



Careers that May Not be Possible for Consistent Christians

On these pages, we have discussed the problem that Christians face on the job when they discover that their particular career doesn’t please the Lord.  We have dealt with jobs that require a Christian to do something that is not in harmony with the Lord’s will or jobs that forbid the Christian from doing something that his or her faith in the Lord requires.

Quite frankly, many jobs do pose a problem for consistent and sincere followers of the Lord God.  We are aware of the fact that many people deny their conscience and go ahead and do wrong on the job for various reasons. Some may think that they “need to survive,” thus they must maintain their job at all costs. Others close their eyes to some of the requirements on their job and try to believe that the manager or owner will be held accountable but they, themselves, aren’t liable for the wrong behavior to the Lord.

We’ve emphasized that the words of Peter are fitting in a situation where an employer or boss requires the Christian to do something morally wrong or spiritually wrong.  Peter boldly declared, “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29; cf. 4:18-19).  We must never do wrong in order to do right (cf. Romans 3:8). We must never sin in order to support ourselves or our family. We must obey the Lord regardless of the consequences.

A day or two ago the following article came my way that shows some of the problems that have come to professing Christians on the job and they were required to choose the Lord over their employment—and they lost their jobs in the process.  Note this interesting and shocking item that shows how far the cause of Satan has made inroads into American culture and employment scene:

          7 common careers Christians may no longer hold in America

Many Christians choose self-employed careers because they want to be able to run their business according to the dictates of their faith and conscience.

That list is quickly shrinking as homosexuals pro-actively seek opportunities to wreck the personal business and career of any Christian who declines to support the gay lifestyle.

Don’t be fooled. This is a focused effort to ostracize and humiliate faith-based businesses and their owners. Here are a few recent examples:

·       Photography – A Christian photographer in New Mexico was fined $6700 for politely declining to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony. The Supreme Court allowed this fine to stand.

·       Baker – A Christian baker in Oregon is facing both civil and criminal penalties, including jail time, for politely declining to bake a cake for a gay wedding ceremony. Her business has closed.

·       Florist – Baronelle Stutzman, a Christian florist in Washington, is being sued by the state attorney general for politely declining to prepare an arrangement for a gay wedding ceremony.

·       Broadcasting – Craig James was fired by Fox Sports Southwest after only one day on the job for expressing his support for natural marriage while he was a candidate for the United States Senate.

·       Counseling – Jennifer Keeton was dismissed from the counseling program at Augusta State University for her religious reservations about the homosexual lifestyle.

·       Innkeeping – The Wildflower Inn in Vermont was fined $30,000 and forced to shut down its wedding reception business after politely declining to host a lesbian ceremony.

·       Teaching – Ms. Gillian John-Charles was kicked out of a doctoral program in education at Roosevelt University for expressing in class her belief that homosexuals aren’t born gay.

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We hope that this short article will encourage you, our readers, to be more sensitive about what you must do on your job and what you are forbidden to do on the job.  What would you have done if you were in the shoes of these people? 

 ·      What if you were a pharmacist who had a customer with a prescription for a substance that would cause an abortion?


 ·      What if you were a physician and an unmarried patient wanted a prescription for birth control?


 ·      What if you were a teacher and the state law requires you to teach the children about homosexuality and put it in a positive framework?


 ·      What if you were a teacher who had to teach and discuss subjects like abortion, homosexuality, divorce, or suicide from a humanistic and immoral perspective?


 ·      What if your boss insisted that you miss the gathering for the saints in order to work for him?


 ·      What if your manager requires you to wear immodest clothing on the job or forbids you to wear modest clothing?


 ·      What if your job requires you to teach evolution or ridicules Christian principles?


 ·      What if your job requires you to sell tobacco, liquor, immodest clothing, junk foods, worldly music or literature, or other offensive items?

I suppose that the examples could be nearly endless but this gives some impression of the numerous compromises that Satan seeks to bring into your life on the job.

What would you do? What will you do?

Richard Hollerman



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