Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists Part 4


Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists

(Part 4)

Richard Hollerman

In our first installment, we stated that recently we responded to a brief internet video. Our comments online, within the blog that pertained to that video, generated a great amount of interest with many responses.

Almost all of these responses were in support of evolution and atheism. After my initial post in the blog, I began to receive many responses in reaction to my promotion of God and His creation of all things. The responses pertained to the Big Bang theory, evolutionary theories, the nature of science, as well as a rejection of God as Creator and a denial that the Bible is His infallible Word.

In our last article (Part 3) we continued this subject and now we wish to further show you some of the comments that were found in the internet blog. I don’t at all claim to be an expert in the sciences or in apologetics. But I do know enough to know that God is the true and living God, that He is Creator, and that His written Word is reliable and truthful. All of this serves as background to what follows.

Atheistic and Evolutionary Comments

This is the online comment that began the series. I responded to a little video about Truth (in general). My comments below will be in blue while the comments of others will be in black.

Whether this is speaking of the authority of government, or the authority of education, or parental authority, the point is that no one has the right to change truth. The ultimate authority is God and He speaks through His written Word, the Bible. If human authority tells us that 2+2=5 we must object. The truth is that 2+2=4. Similarly, when anyone tries to tell us that there is no God, that evolution is true, that sodomy is acceptable, that living together before marriage is permissible, or that killing one’s baby is fine, we must object. Truth is truth regardless of who denies it. 

In the case of this little film, the child paid with his life but he stood for truth. Today if we acknowledge God, if we accept creation, if we deny the big bang, if we contend for the respect for life, we may pay a serious price. In some countries it may require laying down one’s life. But the question is what is the truth—not  how many people believe something, not whether a government stands for something, and not whether friends hold to any particular opinion.

Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31, 32). Will you accept the truth regardless of the cost?

As we did in our previous article (Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists—Part 3), let’s notice some of the responses we received mostly from those who opposed our defense of God and His Word, along with His creative work. 

We notice in Scripture this encouragement: “Contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints” (Jude 3b). While this may have primary reference to Christ Jesus, His nature, and His saving work, we also know that one can’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God unless he believes in God the Father! And one can’t believe fully in God the Father if he refuses to accept the testimony of God and Christ found on the pages of inspired Scripture.

“If we receive the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater; for the testimony of God is this, that He has testified concerning His Son” (1 John 5:9).

Response from Santosh:

I would rather change my opinion if someone proves me wrong. And i am smart enough to do that because i am rational who believes in proofs and rationality.

The problem with you is you are hypocritical and religiously indoctrinated; you are not ready to listen to others view point. You blindly move forward dumping your baseless hypothetical opinions one after another that does not do any good but stink.

How can you say that you are made by god, just because you can see, hear and touch. Is that the level of your understanding. Do you know that there were two types of human beings, we are the homo sapiens and the other was neanderthal. And this is proven fact that neanderthal were extinct due to homo sapiens. Do you think that god made two types of humans and decided the one type (neanderthal) be extinct?

Since humans have successfully cloned dolly the sheep and there is high possibility that we may clone a full surviving human in future. We have technology for human cloning, but we are not just successful that does not mean we will never be able to clone human. Eternity can be achieved through science and technology not by believing some hypothetical God.

My Response to Santosh:

I am glad that you say that you are willing to change your view of things if you can see that you are wrong.  I’m glad for this for many skeptics and evolutionists are adamant in their unbelief and think that they are virtually their own “god” who is determined to direct the course of their own life.

Why would you say that I am hypocritical? I show myself to be the person I am–a person who loves and serves the God who created me. He has shown Himself and His creation to the world so that no one can claim ignorance of His existence. And neither can you. While your background and training may make it difficult to believe in the existence of your Maker, yet even you can come to this admission as you consider all of the issues involved.

I realize that there are many different forms of human beings in the world and this is true of the past as well.  We can’t deny the existence of these human beings.  But consider this: Instead of modern man being an advancement (mentally) from these humans, in one respect modern man is a degeneration from them. 

After God created human life, before genetic defects infiltrated humans, many advancements were made.  But as time went by, more and more defects in the genetic code appeared, thus people began to live shorter lives.  Of course, the worldwide flood of Noah’s day wiped out all life except for 8 persons.  Researchers claim that at least one billion people were destroyed at that time, thus all life began in the vicinity of Iran or Turkey, then spread out over the earth from there.

You say: “Eternity can be achieved through science and technology not by believing some hypothetical God.” No, Santosh, this can’t be. Science and Technology (as good and needful as this may be) will never create life. And this will never perpetuate life into eternity.  You are making human achievements, inventions, discoveries, and technology into your fallible “god.”

The true and living God of creation created you to love and glorify Him eternally. This can be your own experience if you are humble enough to admit your fallibility, your failings, your sins, and plead for His mercy through Christ Jesus.

Response of Santosh Tamang:

You theist people are good at giving fictitious opinion and do not even hesitate to conclude based on your fictitious opinions. One particular example of yours;

you are asinine to say that neanderthals were not human and later conclude your hypothetical god created one type of human.

. . . . if you still doubt then go to hundreds of references  and journals cited below on that page. 

there are thousands of proof for evolution of species but not a single one for existence of your hypothetical God except some fictitious Book (Bible) and some delusional thoughts of people like yourself.

I have faith on people who are working day and night doing research finding solution to genuine human problems. I have faith on factual data, and rational thinking and reality.

 I really hate people like yourself doing nothing, have no ambition in life and sits all day at home watching tv and leave their life on faith that “God is Omniscient, omnipotent, and loves human being” which is not true.

Get real man, come back to reality. have faith on yourself not some hypothetical figure. You will be happy that way not the other way round. Educate yourself reading good books instead of wasting your time reading fiction(bible).

My Response to Santosh:

Santosh, I’m not sure what Whalen believes, but surely these people were human. They were as human as you and I are.  In some ways, they may have been more advanced that we are. In other words, if they were human (as they were), they were descendants of the same ancestors as you and I are. They had Adam and Eve as their ancestors too. But everyone was wiped out at the time of the worldwide deluge at the time of Noah, about 2400 BC. (Beware of the modern movie titled “Noah” which blasphemes God and plainly violates the truth of Scripture!)

After the flood, people migrated to Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond. Those people you mentioned must have descended from Japheth (Genesis 10:1ff). So they were not some sub-human race of people but were your and my cousins! (Smile)

 You write: “There are thousands of proof for evolution of species but not a single one for existence of your hypothetical God except some fictitious Book (Bible) and some delusional thoughts of people like yourself.” Santosh, were is the proof of evolution? Has anyone actually seen or produced an evolutionary case in the lab? I am not speaking about “microevolution” where there are differences between different finches or butterflies. But what I am questioning and opposing would be the macroevolution that has not been proven.

Be willing to check out God’s Word for yourself. Examine the Bible (begin with Genesis, Matthew, John, Acts, and especially Romans) for yourself and you will see the truth. Actually, if you read Romans 1:16-32, you will find yourself described.

You also write:  “I really hate people like yourself doing nothing, have no ambition in life and sits all day at home watching tv and leave their life on faith that “God is Omniscient, omnipotent, and loves human being” which is not true.” Santosh, I’m sorry that you hate me but I assure you that I’m not “doing nothing” but my life is filled with good, worthwhile, profitable, and eternally-valuable things! If you read Scripture (as I mentioned above), you indeed will discover that God is omniscient, omnipotent, and loving!

And you say, in conclusion: “Get real man, come back to reality. have faith on yourself not some hypothetical figure. You will be happy that way not the other way round. Educate yourself reading good books instead of wasting your time reading fiction(bible).” I would fear having ultimate faith in myself. We both have discovered that we’ve been wrong about many things, but God is perfect and has never been wrong. How much better to believe in Him rather than fallible man!

You can discover that it is not “wasting” of time to read the most important volume on earth–God’s Word–that will take you from this world of sin to a heaven of majestic beauty, perfection, and holiness.

Response of Santosh tamang

of course i am willing to change my beliefs if some one can provide me  concrete proofs and factual data that god exist. However, how can you be asinine enough to not change your beliefs when i have proved you wrong.

Your delusional opinions about your hypothetical fictional character (God) is not going to work on me to change my beliefs. Its high time you to change your beliefs and get real. You will be more happier believing yourself and having faith on yourself rather than some hypothetical fictional character.

My response to Santosh:

Santosh, I’m glad that you affirm that you will change your beliefs if you can be shown that God exists. Actually, there are “concrete proofs” and “factual data” to substantiate this. If I were to find out that God doesn’t exist, so be it. But the evidence is so overwhelming that I would be a fool to deny God and His Son, Jesus Christ. As the Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God'” (Psalm 14:1).

Your reference to a “hypothetical fictional character” is sad for you seem to claim that you steadfastly refuse to acknowledge Him and live for Him. Santosh, be honest with yourself: Do you really take pleasure in “believing in yourself” or “having faith in yourself” rather than humbly admitting that you are not god and that you desperately need the true and living God?

Evolution, the “god” of this age was formulated as a substitute for God the Creator. It is reasonable. If someone has determined that he wants to direct the course of his life and if he adamantly refuses to believe in and obey His creator, how can he do this in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Yes, it is true, he has backed himself into the wall and has to concoct some explanation for all things, including life itself.

Therefore, in spite of the massive evidence that God created all things in the beginning and continues to sustain the universe by His wisdom and power, the hater of God must find some explanation. And that explanation that he has formulated is Evolution.

It doesn’t have to be that way, Santosh. Be willing to humble yourself and acknowledge God as your Creator. Confess Jesus as your Lord. And you will be surprised at His welcome of you!  Find a modern translation of the Bible and read the books of Genesis, Matthew, John, Acts, and Romans. They will open your eyes. 

 Response from an unknown writer:

So what you’re saying that no religion has at least once killed a baby or person in the name of their religion? Yes christianity has done this before. Several times….

My response to above unknown writer:

Dear friend, I’m not sure what this means or why it is being raised at this time, in response to God’s existence, the falsity of evolution, the truthfulness of the Bible, the compassion of Christ, and such things.

Religion of all kinds (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and others) have done horrible things in the past and continue to do unspeakable things in the present.  All of this is an abomination to God and it shows that religion, per se, isn’t the answer. It is filled with hypocrisy that causes people to reject everything having to do with God.

God is not to be blamed for the rank hypocrisy in religion of all kinds. Just read the Bible and you will see that true and sincere followers of Jesus are loving, kind, considerate, and true. If anything deviates from this, it is not something that God is responsible for but it comes from the hypocritical and sinful mind of humans. Don’t reject truth to hold on to atheism and evolution.

Yes, there have been many people of various religions that have killed babies. In the United States (where I write these words), some 55 million babies have been slaughtered. At least some of these have been “religious” (but selfish) people. And even more have been murdered in atheistic China and Orthodox Russia. All kinds of people have killed babies and adults–and this proves that they are not true followers of the Lord Jesus. 

Response of “Working On A New Project”

I’m not trying to offend you when I say this, but the bible is a story book. Some of which never happened and are completely fictional. If anything I’d say god (if he so exists) would just want you to be a good person even if you didn’t believe in him. Someone so forgiving and “all knowing” would understand where you were coming from. All in all there is no possible way to confirm the existence of god so  just being a good person should work equally as being the follower of the “correct” religion.

My response to “Working”:

I understand where you are coming from and I can understand your perspective. It is one that is held by millions, no doubt. However, it is false and here is why.

I take it that you haven’t really read the Bible, thus your objection to it is somewhat skewed and uninformed. Be willing to read the Scriptures (I would suggest starting with Genesis, then Matthew, then John, then Acts, and finally Romans). You will see that it is true and that the historical references are accurate.

I can also see why you would say that “being a good person” is something to do. But there is a problem.  If there is a God (as there is) wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than absolute surrender before Him, the Creator and Lawgiver of the universe? We can’t just have a “take it or leave it” attitude when Sovereign God is concerned. If we don’t acknowledge Him and bow before Him, renouncing our sin and humbly repenting of them, coming to Him through Jesus Christ His Son, then we are unworthy of Him.

Further, are you a “good person” yourself? There is no one who is a “good person” in perfection. We all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23). There is no one who is righteous and sinless (verse 10). We all need forgiveness. And this forgiveness doesn’t just come from God’s pronouncement. No, God is also holy and just and there must be a righteous basis for His forgiveness and acceptance.

This is why He had to send His only Son, Jesus Christ, who was willing to die for you and me. He took our sins on Himself and died for those sins, then God raised Him from the dead and He now lives, waiting for us to come to Him alone for our rescue from sin and death and hell.

So being a “good person” or being in some world “religion” just won’t work. We need to come to God through Christ–for there is no other way. Jesus declared, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to [God] the Father, but through Me” (John 14:6).

The offer is open to you too…. 

Response from tayaes:

Why must people like you always bring God wherever you go.

God [blasphemy omitted] it was about social rejection. The internet has plenty of people on the ready to pounce and shred your beliefs like animals. Please, for your own sake keep religion to yourself. We are all raised differently, we all believe in different things. And we will protect what we believe is our truth, keep words like that in your Church and household, but not in public. God is great, just don’t take his word everywhere.

My Response to Tayaes:

Tayaes, I’m sorry that you feel this way. I think if you ponder your response, however, you will see that this is untenable, unworkable, and even irrational.

It is true that “people like me” must bring God and the Lord Jesus Christ into every sphere of life. Can you understand why?  If God created the universe–as well as you and me–can you see the offense against Him to not mention him except “in church”? If He is Lord of all, He must be acknowledged in every facet of society–whether education, or entertainment, or government, or any other aspect of life.

Since we can’t be saved from our sins and from hell without God’s work in Christ, without Christ’s death on the cross to pay for our sins, we can understand why Jesus said that we are to take the “good news” of eternal life to everyone. This includes the Internet.

It is true that we are raised differently and believe different things, but this in no way should hinder the free exercise and promulgation of the truth. We know that not everyone is right in their beliefs and lifestyle, and one way to dispel this ignorance is to openly discuss the differences.

Can you see, Tayaes, that it would be the greatest of sins to just be silent about the most important truth in life–that God made you and loves you and that Jesus Christ is the only way to God in heaven (John 14:6). 

Response from Klas: 

So living together before marriage is a sin? 

My response to Klas:

Hello Klas….  Generally, when people speak about “living together,” they are referring to either living in fornication or living in adultery, or both. I suppose that even sodomites could “live together” for that matter. Thus, the living together is not technically fornication (for a woman could live with her aged grandmother!), the connotation does suggest an immoral sexual relationship. Generally, we don’t just refer to a legitimate husband and wife as “living together.” Since it does suggest something sinful (having immoral sex), I advise people to live separately to keep from being a bad example before others.

As to having sex before marriage, yes that would be sinful.  God says, “Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled, for fornicators and adulterers God will judge” (Hebrews 13:4). “Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals. . . . will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9; cf. Revelation 21:8). 

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