America Increasingly Sodomite


America Increasingly Sodomite

When the majority of the American public voted for Barack Obama as president, they knew what they were doing.  They were not blind about his positions and principles. They knew that he was the most pro-abortion president in our history.   And they knew that he was radically pro-homosexuality.  He demonstrated this both in his speeches as well as his promotions and practice.

Once again, President Obama has proclaimed June “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.”  Years ago this sort of proclamation would have been unimaginable, but today it hardly raises an eyebrow.

As a reminder, “Lesbian” refers to women who commit sexual sin with each other, performing unspeaking (and unwritable) sexual acts with each other.

“Gay” refers to men who commit sexual sin with each other, performing unspeaking sexual acts together.  We refer to sex sin so heinous and so unnatural that many “straight” readers would be hard-pressed to imagine.

“Bisexual” refers to a person who has a preference to commit unspeakable sex acts with both male and female.  Thus, this is a combination sexual orientation of committing sexual immorality with one’s own gender as well as the opposite gender.

“Transgendered” means “appearing as, wishing to be considered as, or having undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex” (The American Heritage College Dictionary).  This may refer to a man who wishes to be a woman, thus he has certain medical surgeries to look like a woman and undergoes hormonal treatments to appear as a woman.  Obviously, he is still a man but he even dresses as a woman.  He thereby commits homosexual acts with one or more other men while he takes on the “female” role in the relationship.  Female “transgendered” persons do the very opposite. They have altered their appearance to look like a man, then commit homosexual acts with other women.  Sometimes medical treatment and surgery is not involved in these acts of the man or woman, but only the appearance has been altered through clothing and mannerisms.

Not only has President Obama promoted these wicked and perverse sexual orientations and relationships, but he has endorsed these as “prideful” during this sexually immoral “Pride” month!  The President has also proclaimed the end of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military that will allow sodomites to openly serve the country.  This too would have been unimaginable years ago, but the President is rushing to allow this sort of perversion in the nation’s fighting force.  Beyond this, the President has campaigned to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act that makes marriage the union of a man and woman, not two of the same sex.  In fact, earlier in the year, he directed the Department of Justice to not defend the Act.

Thankfully, a number of states have passed their own laws that have defined marriage as the union of a man and woman, alone.  This could change if the Supreme Court should negate them.  We know that Bill Clinton openly supported homosexuality but it has been Barak Obama who has promoted it to an unprecedented degree.

It is interesting that in the early years of this country, the colonies considered homosexuality to be “a crime against nature” and made it a capital offense, punishable by execution.  Note this quotation:

In his concurring decision in the Bowers v. Hardwick (1986) case, Supreme Court Justice Burgher wrote: “…the proscriptions against sodomy have very ‘ancient roots.’ Decisions of individuals relating to homosexual conduct have been subject to state intervention throughout the history of Western civilization. Condemnation of those practices is firmly rooted in Judeao-Christian moral and ethical standards. Homosexual sodomy was a capital crime under Roman law….During the English Reformation when powers of the ecclesiastical courts were transferred to the King’s Courts, the first English statute criminalizing sodomy was passed. Blackstone described ‘the infamous crime against nature’ as an offense of ‘deeper malignity’ than rape, a heinous act ‘the very mention of which is a disgrace to human nature,’ and ‘a crime not fit to be named.” …To hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching.”  ( /hom_laws1.htm)

Not only are homosexuality and these related sexual sins not receiving the death penalty as they did in the earlier years of America (and before that in Europe), but they seem to have gained acceptance in this country, especially among the youth and those under forty.  As this younger generation becomes older, it would seem that the country as a whole could be considered pro-sodomite (“sodomite” comes from the city of Sodom that was destroyed by God in Genesis 19 because of their gross immorality, the sin of homosexuality).

Just a week or so ago, the news came out that a large number of United Methodist pastors in Minnesota are going on record for accepting sodomite clergymen (or clergywomen!) in this denomination. Other denominations have also accepted this aberrant sexual orientation.

It is time for true Christians to stand up and make their commitment to Scripture known.  We need to let the nation know that we continue to uphold God’s own standard for marriage and sexuality—that the only honorable relationship is between a man and a woman, unattached to previous mates.  Remember, we must never be ashamed of Christ or His Word in this dark hour of America.

Richard Hollerman




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