A Sodomite “Jesus” Cannot Save


A Sodomite “Jesus”
Cannot Save

Presently there is a raging controversy about the planned play at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas (March 23, Star-Telegram).  The turmoil comes from the fact that the drama, Corpus Christi, is the story about Jesus who is depicted as an unrepentant sodomite. 

This kind of presentation is clearly blasphemous!  Jesus was pure, holy, and sinless and condemned all sexual immorality.  He was actually God in the flesh, and to portray Him as a degenerate pervert is blasphemy in the extreme!  If the Lord Jesus was not sinless and pure, He would not have been qualified to die for our sins—and all of us would yet be in sin, condemned before God and bound for hell.

According to the report, John Jordan Otte (who is a sodomite himself), is directing the playHe says that “he wants to convey the turmoil that gay Christians sometimes experience and create a sense of acceptance, tolerance and unconditional love.”  Otte explains, “We’re no different.  Everything Christ has said applies to us as well.”  Sadly, he doesn’t acknowledge that God doesn’t “accept” sexual immorality, He doesn’t “tolerate” it, and He offers His special, intimate love only to those who obey Him (cf. John 14:15, 21-24).

Today, Bud Kennedy, the liberal Star-Telegram commentator, says that it will take an extra 50 police to keep the peace when the play is presented.  Kennedy justified this blasphemy and condemned opposition by calling it a “pointless outrage over a class exercise” (March 24).  Actually, all people who love the Lord Jesus should be incensed with this portrayal of Christ as a homosexual!

Let all respectable citizens of this community rise up and object to this outrageous portrayal of a sinful, degenerate, and evil (and fictitious) Messiah.  Such a Jesus cannot save from sin.

Richard Hollerman


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