A New Low for America

Letter to the Editor

A New Low for America

During the past fifty years, America has fallen from relative integrity and moral principle to a place of compromise and sexual immorality—a virtual Sodom.

In December of 1941, President Roosevelt made his famous radio talk after the Japanese “sneak attack” at Pearl Harbor. He said that the day would go down as “a day of infamy.” Indeed, June 26, 2015 will be a day of infamy, for America publicly chose to side with the forces of immorality, perversion, and unbelief. We have “In God we Trust” on our bills but what happened shows the shallowness, even lie, of that slogan.

Although only one single judge (Justice Kennedy) was responsible for the sodomite decision by the Court, surveys reveal a majority of Americans are willing to promote a shameful and debauched lifestyle of unspeakable sexual immorality. Former generations would not allow sodomy in any of the states, but conversely, forbidding this wretched sin is now considered bigotry!

The Word of God is still true: Those who engage in sodomy of any kind cannot enter heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). But the good news is that repentant sodomites can change and God will forgive and accept them. Let’s pray to this end!

Richard Hollerman

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